Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pinot Grigio, Barringer 08'

naked wine review 42
wine:pino grigio
date tasted:7/2/10
place tasted:sitting in the tunnel and smiling at the light at the end of it :)
served with:brie, dried cranberries, smoked salmon, papaya, macintosh apples, grapes, candied pecans, and water crackers....yummy!
appearance:almost crystal clear, if not for the cutest little naked pink toes! smooth, it's like butter, no bite to it at all. papaya and macintosh apple
bouquet:the subtle scent of honeysuckle dancing gracefully past your snoot on a hot summer day
balance:strong and Molly Parker...or any other Molly I know!
comments:a very refreshing wine experience on a hot summer day; soothing, kind, and reassuring like a long talk with your best friend.