Thursday, July 22, 2010

Red Blend, Nessun Dorma 05'

naked wine review 24
wine:Nessun Dorma
producer:Maestro Antonio Sanguineti
date tasted:5/20/08
place tasted:at the circus.
served with:a rune reading, some crackers, and a mime.
appearance:glows and sparkles in garnet.
taste:bright cherry and basal mingle and merge into soft yet intimidating tribble tannins and an elegant licorice finish.
bouquet:a gentle and innocent perfume of celery, pepper, and childhood Avon stuff.
balance:just so skinny, light and breezy, it's a little soprano for my taste. Let it breathe for an hour or two before serving.
comments:encouraging rune reading, but I don't really like the circus.