Thursday, July 22, 2010

Syrah/Mourvedre Viognier, the Wolftrap 08'

naked wine review 44
wine:syrah, Mourvedre Viognier
vintage: 08'
producer:the Wolftrap
region:south Africa
date tasted:7/21/10
place tasted:after struggling all day to survive in a hot, soulless desert, lost and lonely, i embraced a yoga oasis then wandered down a path leading to food, drink, and little peace....and oh thank the divine, it's raining.
served with:thunder and lightning....and feta, and walnuts, and onion, and lamb, and then some dark chocolate. it's really good with all that stuff.
appearance:deep, black cherry red with no refracted light; not unlike gazing into the frightening depths of Lake Diablo on a hot summer day. darn it, it's making me homesick.
taste:dense red fruit and plum with balanced blend of vanilla-licorice spice expressions and just a hint of basil. finish is blessed with oak and smoke that combine with soft, gentle, round tannins leaving the palate delighted, satisfied, and considering commitment.
bouquet:licorice and candy store spice; in the rose garden of wines, this one has a most outstanding, aromatic, and comforting scent. lean into it, inhale, and let it lift the spirit.
balance:thick and viscous; moves slow, like honey down the sides of her stemmed crystal vessel; quite lovely to watch. use a paper cup and i swear i will come over there and slap you silly!
comments:complex and inspiring; she will bring out the best in you and put you in touch with your inner hedonist. ah, sweet pleasure! i fell in love with this wine before even tasting it through her amazing nose and meaty sexy naked legs.

rating:4 stars