Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lemberger, Blue Frank

naked wine review 12
wine:Blue Frank/Lemberger
vintage:unknown/weird, but I can't find a date on this bottle. It is now 2008 and I'm guessing this is a 2006.
producer:Clear Weather Wines
date tasted:3/31/08
place tasted:naked and wondering around Whatthehellsville Montana.
served with:John Malkovich
appearance:deep clear superior ruby reflections.
taste:black Cherry and bright berry explosions, with expressive soft tannins embracing the palate leading to a silky key-lime finish with hint of fortified umph.
bouquet:strong black cherry and melon popsicle candy store knock out...Wow! worth it just for that.
balance:graceful, light and dancing on rain.
comments:this wine reminds me of chasing the icecream man down for my daily blue raspberry snow cone at the tender age of 25. Lends itself to to the intimacy of lovers leaving you with the sweet breath of black currents.

rating:3 stars
note: i could not find i picture of the super cool label that was on this wine....found nice painting at least