Thursday, July 22, 2010

Red Blend, ESTE 05'

Naked Wine Review 10
Wine: Red Table Wine
Vintage: 05'
Producer: ESTE
Region: Almanzora, Spain
Price: 7.00 (Super Value)
Date tasted: 03/27/08
Place tasted: While passing a spliff among friends in the back of a dimly lit down town blues dive...reelin' on sax!
Served with: Pizza and Posh Chocolate mouse 
Appearance: Deep, dark red with beautiful blueberry reflections.
Taste: Bursting with cherry while resonating with gentle vanilla notes and feathery coffee trills in a delightful and inspired performance. Finishes with a hot lingering smooch of soft tannins leaving the palate begging for more.
Bouquet: Inhale this vision of yourself strolling in fallow morning fog past an endless patch of blackberries while savoring a fresh cup of dark roast coffee...naked. 
Balance: Dances gracefully in an indigo sequined gown with Prince Charming by the light of a full moon.
Comments: Smooth, voluptuous, and eccentric with strength of character and captivating charms. WARNING: Her beauty, intelligence and charismatic disposition may cause discomfort in creatures of a weaker, lesser nature. 

Rating: 3 tipsys