Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dry Cherry-Flathead, Ten Spoon

naked wine review 25
wine:Flathead Cherry Dry - Cherry Wine
vintage:i don't know, they won't tell me.
producer:Ten Spoon
date tasted:05/21/08
place tasted:the sunny side of Hell.
served with:fear and loathing in Missoula.
appearance:beautiful cherry reflections almost too good to be true. If the color of this wine were a man, he'd probably look like a young Warren Beatty.
taste:a bowl full of cherries, earth and violets swirl about the mouth like happy fish in an oak barrel. Tannins tickle the sides of the tongue and giggle on down the throat disappearing leaving behind a long, deep fruity afterglow.
bouquet:if a cherry poops in the woods and no one is around to....It's actually very nice.
balance:light and breezy, well balanced.
comments:get naked, laugh with the devil and delight in his lies.

rating:3.2 stars