Thursday, July 22, 2010

Malbec, CAMP 07'

naked wine review 36
producer:CAMP/Grey Cliff Cellars
region:Lockeford, California
date tasted:05/12/09
place tasted:Camp Tuffit
served with:pairs well with stilton; apple; dried cranberry; brie and candied pecans; that sort of foreplay. Follow up with some red saucy little italian pasta number.
appearance:intimidating blood black
taste:phat mix of rich dark fruit, berry, and plum ignite the palate and dance lightly on the tongue with just the right amount of pressure and release before departing in a smooth oblong velvety finish that leaves its lucky victim swooning, grateful, and half naked for god sakes!
bouquet:a faint light unsuspecting perfume not unlike the sexy cliche librarian before the glasses come off and the hair comes down
balance:perfect....just perfect
comments:an excellent contribution to an etherial experience within the magic element of a deep and peaceful forest.