Thursday, July 22, 2010

Shiraz, Fat Bastard 06'

naked wine review 18
producer:Thierry and Guy/Fat Bastard
date tasted:4/26/08...In celebration of JH and Gildrums birthdays.
place tasted:In a box with a fox.
served with:lasagna, green salad, bread from choice bakery le petit then followed by a beautiful slice of n.y. cheesecake... this wine with this meal...perfect.
appearance:this wine gazes into your mirror and reflects the deep crimson glowing blood of your ancestors.
taste:dry and spicy with an icy blue eyed gaze. Has the lovely taste tingler of the mythical pepperberry as well as a pie cherry brightness. It is able to express unoffensive fuzzy little tannins that rest and linger about mid palate. It's not bad, but does not quite nail the perfect three point landing one finds so very impressive at the end of a good wine ride.
bouquet:like a nostalgic floral perfume swirled with an obligatory stick of licorice.
balance:moves mellow and smooth like the stuff inside a lava lamp
comments:warning: eat/wear some garlic when indulging in this wine as its provocative and enhanced blood like qualities could easily turn you into vampier bait. Be especially careful if you are a naked Aquarian woman eating marshmallows.

rating:2.8 stars