Thursday, July 22, 2010

Raspberry Wine, Fall City Wine Wizards 09'

naked wine review 40
wine:over the Raspberry Rainbow
producer:Fall City Wine Wizards
region:Pacific NW
date tasted:1/13/210
place tasted:fukcking Kansas.....i've made a huge mistake
served with: candles, white lavender and cognac truffles preceded by cheeses of brie, gouda and a variety of fruits
appearance:a beautiful aura of glowing ruby with intense orange overtones
taste: fat raspberry with a very elegant sparkling sensation on the tongue. lovely medium dry wine that gets bigger the longer you chew on it and ends with a massively round and pleasant finish....a great wine to inspire a calm, sensual, and romantic atmosphere
bouquet:dense and very bright raspberry nose with a slight indica sensation on the exhale
balance:yin/yang perfection
comments:dances naked with you in an interactive classical champagne raspballet. aren't you the lucky one? yeah, ya are

rating: 4 stars
note: i have no label pic of this one but found a nice raspberry picture to help communicate its beauty