Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pinotage, Backsberg 04'

naked wine review 33
date tasted:11/8/2008
place tasted:sitting on a futon in a greenhouse with a fish tank. Candles are burning and crystals glowing in the flickering light. With the sound of gentle, soothing rain against my window I feel at one with the elements.
served with:my most quality buddy, Bob. Oh how I love that man!
appearance:bright ruby with glowing burnt carmel fringe
taste:pepper and smoke enhance a journey to the depths of an enlightened and comforting spirit. This wine is a real friend. Finishes on an up note like a kiss on the cheek and a cute little grin before slowly gliding away from view and leaving you swooning
bouquet:the bouquet takes me to an old new england mansion in the comfort of family and friends; sipping wine by the fireplace, playing music and feeling the love and the holiday spirit waft through the air with snow coming down in a blanket of blessings outside.
balance:a graceful and unflawed character without even one offensive quality.
comments:i'm so in love...and the wine is really good too! great value as is typical of these lovely South African beauties.

rating:3.5 stars