Thursday, July 22, 2010

Malbec/Cabernet, Paris Goulart 05'

naked wine review 28
producer:Paris Goulart
region:Mendoza Argentina
date tasted:6/4/08
place tasted:inside a genie bottle nestled in the heart of a lonely blue eyed whitefish.
served with:sex on the phone, lasagna, and a cat toy. A highly recommended combination with this particular wine.
appearance:dignified and dark, glowing in a tranquil, new moon blueberry midnight.
taste:musky earth and a hot women's tasty feet embrace the palate then leave it reeling in soft tannins and deep rich berry fruit on the finish.
bouquet:of treasured vintage perfume bottles and old lipsticks on display at a trendy antique mall in Edmonds, Washington.You may experience it as the breath of a freshly mowed English meadow.
balance:light on her feet and enchanting. She's big and she's beautiful, just too perfect!
comments:it's a thick, dirty, nasty little work of art, not unlike the vision of a beautiful woman being willingly handcuffed naked to a victorian brass bed and smiling for the camera. Try not to think about that.

rating:3.5 stars