Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cabernte, Chateau ste. Michelle 04'

naked wine review 26
producer:Chateau Ste. Michele
region:Columbia Valley, Washington State
date tasted:05/31/08
place tasted:in the near future
served with:lasagna and Le Petit baguette...perfect with this wine.
appearance:sad and beautiful blueberry insecurities. Gazing hypnotically into this wine may result in visions of future wonders and fascinations. Oh my goddess, it is an oracle!
taste:licorice and basil combine with concentrated black fruit in a most beautiful ceremony of love and spiritual bonding. Rose petals and soft round tannins celebrate a delicious and eloquent finish.
bouquet:escaping on the out breath the gentle spirit of a magical wooded forest softly caresses all of your naked parts then tucks the snoot in with a rich and fragrant eiderdown.
balance:moves in buoyant tranquility.
comments:a regal prince of a wine with strength of character, a kind and gentle disposition and solid integrity. So good, you may never need another wine as long as you live.

rating:4 stars