Thursday, July 22, 2010

Caberntet, Mad Housewife 06'

naked wine review 13
producer:Mad Housewife Cellars
region:San Martin, California
date tasted:4/1/08
place tasted:with two buddies, Despair and Comedy.
taste:smooth, round, and rich with ripe tropical fruit. Finishes with familiar footsteps gently walking away from the palate leaving no discernible memory save a fleeting smile on a blurry background. What tannins?
served with:batteries...2 double A's. Would be good with feta/walnuts/and green onion, danish Blue....something edgy for contrast.
appearence:rich ruby red
bouquet:sandalwood perfume, very nice.
balance:chubby, sweet, and's comfort wine.
comments:get naked and comfortable on a cushy sofa with a bowl of hot stew, a glass of Mad Housewife Cabernet, and a pile of tollhouse are loved. Now watch that show you like that you rarely take time for and relax for a change. Life is good.