Thursday, July 22, 2010

Red Blend-Vinetta, Robert Mondavi 05'

naked wine review 20
wine:Vinetta:68%cab,14%merlot,11%petit verdot,5%malbec,2%cab franc
producer:Robert Mondavi
date tasted:5/4/08
place tasted:stuck in a tapestry as a work of art hanging on the wall of a downtown museum in San did I get here?
served with:Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia Ice Cream.
appearance:her bright eyes flash and burn into you with an enchanting ruby glow.
taste:sings in big strong mezzo black currant tones with a dried apricot chewy center and smoldering thick tobacco finish. Features soft, well rounded tannins and toasted oakies that cascade over the palate and rest in a comfortable easy chair at the end of a long and colorful life with a book full of John Keats poetry...quite satisfied with itself.
bouquet:has the scent of your naked muse, smoking a cherry cigar and frolicing in a summer meadow. A truly inspired breath strangely paralleling the scent of the office depot in Lynnwood a good way...hum, weird.
balance:phat and lush. Has the coordination and balance of a captivating Parrish sunset.
comments:if I could find a partner with half the integrity of this wine, I might make an effort to keep that person around....Buy a bottle and marry it, cheat with it, or just get a room with it. It's that good.

rating:4 stars