Thursday, July 22, 2010

Malbec, Trapiche 05'

naked wine review 19
date tasted:5/2/08
place tasted:wallowing in the mud of my satanic nature
served with:self pity, bitterness, days of our lives, love, confusion, pms, and general insanity...yummy!
appearance:black as Beelzebub's blood with violet claws extending from deep within and plotting the resurrection of their observation.
taste:toasty oak and concentrated plum moving into a long and gentle finish with a complexity of tannins dancing (swan lake) and lingering like so many memories
bouquet:an enchanted forest, moist and earthy with heavy oak and blackberry patches and a comforting fully naked man made of almond bark, harmless and strategically placed where I can't trip over him.
balance:viscous and well rounded
comments:when some rat bastard comes along and really pisses you off, get a bottle of this stuff, call someone who really IS a friend and know that not everyone in the world is evil...just the men. NOTE: this wine is far to superior for rat bastards. Pearls before swine. Therefore should be consumed by ladies only.

rating:3.2 stars