Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tempranillo/Merlot, Rene Barbier 07'

naked wine review 15
wine:Tempranillo/Merlot(Mediterranean Red)
vintage:07'...I think
producer:Rene' Barbier
region:Catalunya, Spain
price:$4.00 No...Seriously
date tasted:4/6/08
place tasted:Brackets Landing, Edmonds-Washington, I wish.
served with:memories and naked photographs. Would be good with absolutely anything.
appearance:dark ruby red reflections
taste:dry strawberry/mixed berry
bouquet:heavy hit of sandalwood and berry blasts, very kind to the snoot.
balance:a little thin but well proportioned.
comments:it's a cheeky little wine, but I'm sure you'll be amused by it's presumption. Excellent value! I've paid much more for much less.