Thursday, July 22, 2010

Syrah, Chateau Ste. Michelle 05'

naked wine review 30
producer:Chateau Ste. Michelle
vintage: 05'
date tasted:7/11/08, moon in Scorpio.
place tasted:at ten acres fun park...naked.
served with: no woman Jamacian (sp)cheese, brie, grapes, fuji apple,and norwegian rye cracker thingy.
appearance:with its ruby depth and glowing hints of violet, I suspect this wine was infused with the spew of Dionysus himself.
taste:a smooth ride in an oak boat filled with berries and spice on a river of soft round tannins and full bodied .
bouquet:a thick and gentle perfume to the snoot. Brings up visions of raspberry chocolate mouse slathered on all the luscious parts of your favorite lover.
balance:well balanced with poise and grace.
comments:inspires a girl into wild acts of virasana atop the raging and gracious gift of Prince Charmings pumping loins; all part of the experience. Eat, drink, love.

rating:3.5 stars