Thursday, July 22, 2010

Red Blend, Chateau de Beaucastel 07'

naked wine review 37
wine:Cotes du Rhone Rouge; a blend of Grenache 60%, Syrah 20%, Mourvedre 10%, and Cinsault 10%
producer:the Perrin brothers of Chateau de Beaucastel
date tasted:5/19/90
place tasted:here...right here
served with:a good wine to go with pretty much anything...she doesn't have 'a type'
appearance:a swirly blanket of muted comforting garnet
taste:light, fruity, and pleasing, but not terribly distinctive; finish is fast and unmemorable
bouquet:the scent of a cherry-banana cheesecake (my favorite thing about this wine, it's nice)
balance:thin, but still looks sexy naked; so what the hell?
comments:after an hour or so of breathing it's quite a lovely gift of delicate textures. An unoffensive and perfectly acceptable table wine, but don't expect too much of it beyond that


note: i'm not positive this label is correct as the cost of the one the label was attached to was $35....but all the info on label is correct, including the grapes used, so if it's not exact, it's close and should help while looking for this particular bottle. on the other hand i may have purchased it at grocery outlet at an insane discount and that may be the correct label after all...