Thursday, July 22, 2010

Carmenere, Pacifico Sur 03'

naked wine review 35
vintage: 03'
producer:Pacifico Sur
price:$4 at Grocery's a $13 bottle, easy
date tasted:01/07/09
place tasted:in the suspended and increasingly uncomfortable silence of my gratitude
served with:a variety of toasts and bread type things
appearance:dense garnet with gentle glowing reflections
taste:black current mingling with vanilla, spice, and earthy goodness embrace the palate as delicate tannins infiltrate the soul and gently fade into a milky etherial finish
bouquet:scent of a cotton candy forrest planted inside a new radial tire
balance:has the body of Rochelle Welsh, naked and swimming in a peaceful rocking ocean...the year was 1977
comments:consume and will do you right!

rating:4 stars