Thursday, July 22, 2010

Deans Peach, High Lonesome Cellars 08'

naked wine review 31
wine:Deans Peach
producer:High Lonesome Cellars
region:Mt.Si, Washington
price:if you have to ask you can't afford it.
date tasted:10/21/08
place tasted:at High Lonesome Cellars under the watchful eye of Mt.Si
served with:good friends, all here to be of service and much love.
appearance:color of an enchanted moonbeam with soft naked pink edges
taste:dry, light and fruity breezes wrap the palate in a soft and silky eiderdown, finishing with more concentrated yet tastefully understated peachyness.
balance:she's a dancer and a deva, graceful and charming.
comments:comes on with the gentle comforting influence of aphredite wrapped in a creamy flowing silk gown of honey butter.
bouquet:an enlightened and subtle perfume that speaks more to the spirit than the snoot.

rating:4 stars
note: i am unaware of a label for this wine either so here's a pretty peaches picture to enhance the mood