Thursday, July 22, 2010

Red Blend, Goats do Roam 05'

naked wine review 22
wine:pinotage, syrah, cinsault, grenache, carignan, gamay and mourvèdre.
producer:Goats do Roam
region:South Africa
date tasted:5/10/08
place tasted:nowhere really.
served with:caviare, exotic heure de voitures, lamb, feta, walnuts, onion. Absolutely MUST enjoy with any good chocolate available at
appearance:born in a deep ruby puddle with orange reflections.
taste:an earthy herbaceous and delightful walk down spicy fruit trails that wind through dusty tannins leading into a thick smoky tobacco finish. A beautiful experience worthy of collecting.
bouquet:the familiar scent of a naked troll sitting in a musty dark cellar eating a stick of celery and making a rubber band ball.
balance:rides on the tongue like a jockey. Charming, masculine, and very passionate. You cannot resist this bad boy.
comments:a graceful and elegant slut of a wine. CAUTION: your need for this wine may consume all other needs. Its charms are hypnotic and might I add...intoxicating.
rating:3.5 stars