Thursday, July 29, 2010

Red Blend, Warwick Three Cape Ladies 05'

naked wine review 46
wine: Three Cape Ladies
vintage: 05'
region:South Africa
date tasted:7/27/10
place tasted:naked, sitting on the edge of a tall cliff looking out over a large endless body of water at sunset. have i been walking for years to get here? did I fly up? either way, it's no wonder i feel a need to rest. the view was worth the effort though, and i wouldn't change a thing. i bow humbly to the gift of life and the movement of all the wonders within me that think, feel, breathe, and live.
serve with:it would be just awesome with fact it is a MUST with lamb; or a funky cheese like the Jamaican 'No Woman'; or just some fine dark chocolate...i went with the chocolate this time round. go to for that. trust me on this.
appearance:it's very well dressed and masculine in nature. if it were a man it would look like Vincent Price.
bouquet:heavy French perfume with very subtle licorice highlights.
taste:tobacco smoke and fig mingle with toasted spice. delightfully distinguished and well mannered chewy tannins keep you company until it finishes short and dry on a slightly citrus up note.
balance:medium bodied and very dry; it growls a little but it won't bite you. complex tannins weigh heavy on the mind of the tongue. it also reminds me of milk, but in a non-threatening kind of way.
comments:i had a hard time getting to know this wine at first but once i did i really really liked it. in fact i'm liking it again right now. cheers!

rating:3 stars