Thursday, July 22, 2010

Malbec, Gascon 07'

naked wine review 29
producer:Don Miguel Gascon
date tasted:06/15/08
place tasted:in a dark naked fantasy with the moon fully throbbing in Scorpio.
served with:the Hunger...oh Catherine! Greek salad, lamb, and rice. A hearty yet elegant wine, good with stilton, poshchocolat, oh hell, anything really.
appearance:the color of the blood that pools in your damaged paw following the passionate snag of a hidden thorn on a blossoming beautiful black rose.
taste:soft cocoa butter cologne resting on the neck of Berry Cherry, Sally Cherry's sexy older brother, his soft round tannins dancing intently on the palate. Wrap your tongue around muscular liquid charms and savour this one for all it's worth, for he's smokin' hot and fades into the moonlit night on a spanking of stars all too soon. You gotta do this wine.
bouquet:musky sandalwood and puffy berry clouds inspire and satisfy the scent starved snoot.
balance:sturdy, lush, and viscous. Very well balanced.
comments:keep your options open and your heart in your pants. Just a little free advise. Regarding this wine though, it is a charming elegant experience that will leave you exhausted, legless, and smiling. So go ahead and indulge your inner hedonist you sick little toad licker.

rating:4 stars