Thursday, July 22, 2010

Merlot, Cupcake 07'

naked wine review 43
vintage: 07'
date tasted:7/9/10
place tasted:at the top of mt. jumbo chasing my good buddy bob around while riding on the back of a magical moon goat and chanting for the good of the land.
served with:pizza...perfect! moon goats don't like pizza. more for me. it's a very good wine & cheese kind of wine. you can't go wrong with a nice blue cheese.
appearance:deep, deep, deep red with affluent cherry reflections.
taste:like the tender breath of silky cherry chocolate waves cascading over moist earth, oak and grass. has a full round gentle finish that neither pushes or pulls one out of the present moment. note: present moment can certainly be enhanced with fine dark chocolate.
bouquet:is like that of a rose garden that is far away but that faintly caresses the snoots edges on the wings of a warm summer breeze.
balance:svelte, athletic with curves. smokin' hot babe of a wine.
comments:this wine needs time to breath and get in the mood, but once she is comfortable and ready, her naked beauty will surly not disappoint.