Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pinot Nero, Alto Adige D.O.C. 04'

naked wine review 14
wine:pinot Nero/Pinot Noir
producer:Alto Adige D.O.C.
date tasted:04/04/08
place tasted:on a sunny spring afternoon while rocking back and forth in a lazy deck chair and conversing with Bob...A good wine for that.
served with:macintosh apples, sharp cheddar as well as 'no woman' cheese(go to Wardens Wine Market), blueberries and orange slices.
appearance:Soft red with light burnt orange reflections
taste:bright, not to be confused with sharp. More floral than fruit, it is like drinking a spring bouquet. Finishes with soft tannins and lingering flower essences leaving you with rose petal breath.
bouquet:a lovely floral bouquet which includes a subtle hint of rose
balance:able to dance airy, and light on her feet while maintaining stellar focus and stability.
comments:lovers wine. This wine will make you remember just what being in love feels like. It's wonderful! If a love relationship is strained just share a bottle of this and you will both have a smile on your face and noodle legs the next happy morning.
rating:3 stars
note: Van Gogh did the pic, of course. i could not find the label but remember it as lots of beautiful sunflowers.