Saturday, July 24, 2010

Caberntet, Clos Du Bois 07'

naked wine review 45
wine:cabernet Sauvignon
producer:Clos du Bois
region:north Coast California
date tasted:7/24/10
place tasted:across from a BEAUTIFUL woman's apartment sitting on a park bench on a hot summers day, staring in fascination. oh wait, that's not me, it's you isn't it? and it's not fascination, it's stalking! get a therapist, perv-boy
served with:spaghetti tossed with roasted garlic, zucchini, olive oil, fresh grated parmesan, fresh basil, and a little sea salt
appearance:deep red pomegranate
bouquet:cinnamon and plum. kind of like if you took a snickerdoodle and scooped a little of moms canned italian prunes on top of it and served it up in a cute little antique glass custard dish with a cute little antique silver desert spoon.
taste: of a chocolate covered cherry sitting in lotus with nag champa incense burning while meditating on naked gingerbread men. make no mistake though, this wine is very dry and well's kinda like skinny people who can eat anything without getting fat. heavy crescent moon shaped tannins rock and roll on the tongue following through to a long, strong, heady finish.
balance:a sexy, viscous, well balanced beauty
comments:yes, yes, yes, oh my various gods, yes!

rating:3.5 stars