Thursday, July 22, 2010

Blueberry, High Lonesome Cellars 04'

naked wine review 32
producer:High Lonesome Cellars
region:Mt.Si, Washington
price:about...oh hell, I don't know
date tasted:10/21/08
place tasted:in a beautiful fuzzy blur
served with:beautiful fuzzy friends
appearance:glowing ruby red in the light, obsidian rich and mysterious on the dark side
taste:of an elaborate and complex tobacco rope wrapped around blueberry candy and fed to druid priests to enhance the magic.
bouquet:the snoot takes a journey through lush, enchanted forests and exotic wooded mysteries that linger in the minds of naked wood nymphs and trolls everywhere.
balance:moves with the grace and balance of a kaleidoscope
comments:a most unique and special treat for the palate. It is a rare and beautiful gem to have in your collection of wine experiences.

rating:4 stars
again, i am unaware of any label for this wine. i have instead provided a picture of a beautiful blue butterfly, reminding me of an incredible, unique experience shared in freedom, love, and friendship, one that will never leave my heart.