Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cabernet, Los Cardos 05'

Naked Wine Review 8
Wine: Cabernet
Vintage: 05'
Producer: Los Cardos(Los Cardos means "thistles")
Region: Argentina>Mendoza 
Price: 9.00
Date tasted: 3/23/08
Place tasted: Deep inside my mental tree house
Served with: Memories of a nice day
Appearance: A  rich burnt glowing ruby
Taste: Spunky pepper and berries obfuscated by soft vanilla clouds, with chocolate overtones. Finishes long and thoughtful with naked tannins gently stroking the palate.
Bouquet: A soft and soothing incense, heavy with earth, wood, and wild flowers
Balance: A perfect dark/light blend. Nice body gently moves and clings like lingerie on your best girl.
Comments: WARNING: this wine has the ability to dig up berried meaningful memories.would be very nice to drink in a secluded forest in the Great Northwest on a misty cool afternoon while gazing into the intangible daydreams of a mountain river.

Rating: 3 tipsys