Sunday, September 27, 2015

Ernst Gouws&Co Pinotage 11’

Naked Wine Review 170

Wine: Pinotage
Producer: Ernst Gouws&Co
Vintage: 11’
Region: South Africa>Coastal Region>Stellenbosch 
Price: 11.00
Date tasted: 9/23/15
Place tastedI was high in a tower somewhere, hiding from the world and waiting for my hair to grow out. I had 'Girl in the Woods' on my wall, Trout Mask Replica on my iPod, a cat with an impressive vocabulary wandering around, and a window from which to view the moon. Not a bad place to taste good wine. 
Served with: Iman Bayildi, a Turkish Eggplant dish. So simple, and so very tasty. It’s eggplant and olive oil paradise. 
Appearance: Viscous with sticky slow moving legs. Bright ruby and rust combine with rich blood in a clear and beautiful pool of life force.
On the snoot: Bold and earthy with dark berry. Powerful and pleasant.
Taste: Blackberry and cassis wrapped in earth and oak then seasoned with tobacco pave the way for leather whips and creosote to dance in bloody red moonlight with chocolate sandalwood incense. Firm tight little pillows of tannin offer a sort of grounding familiar comfort. Finish is lengthy and soft with a slight quenching quality. 
Balance: Acid over sugar, dry yet warm with masses of soft soothing tannins. It’s a little hot out of the bottle so let breathe and mellow before pouring.
Comments: I love pinotage. Pinotage has a kind of ‘bad boy’ thing about it that is irresistible. It’s a rebel, a wine gone rogue, a unique and free spirit and a beautiful honest expression of an exotic grape that deserves great respect and praise. Enjoy naked and in good health, Serefe! 

Rating: 3.8 tipsys

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