Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Chateau Ste Michelle
Sauvignon Blanc 10'

Naked Wine Review 92
Wine: Sauvignon Blanc
Producer: Chateau Ste Michelle
Vintage: 10'
Region: Washington State>Columbia Valley
Price: 10.00
Date tasted: 2/12/12
Place tasted: Holed up in a cheap motel on Hwy 99 just north of Seattle, I like it here. The Seven Eleven shining in neon glory across the street makes me smile. A howling wild siren which used to be of such comfort has become frightening and unfamiliar. I open the window just a crack to hear the ebb and flow of constant traffic intertwined with cries of insanity echoing in the voices of the urban nomads who roam the streets. Did I lock the van? Of course I came prepared with my own wine glass and a bottle of excellent wine and snacks. You create your own comfort zone. Cheers all!
Serve with: Basil pesto marinated chicken breast. Also great with smoked salmon and brie; apples; cranberries; gouda; and almonds (a good choice when hanging in a motel room not far from a Trader Joe's; wonderful really).
Appearance: The subtle glow of a beautiful champagne cut diamond.
On the snoot: Soft melon with just a hint of papaya.
Taste: Bright and crisp in character tempered by the mellow warmth of honeydew and an etherial herbal spirit. Finish has the slow fading beauty of a gentle tropical sunset. 
Balance: So well balanced she could do summersaults on a tightrope without a net; and you wouldn't even break a sweat.
Comments: Challenges outside ones comfort zone are what make life interesting and keep ones identity from becoming solid and dishonest....habits and routines become crutches for stability and sanity. Drop the crutches, embrace the crazy, and walk, damn you, walk!
Oh, comments about the WINE. Sure: You can always trust Chateau Ste Michelle for stellar wine integrity.
Rating: 4 solid tipsys

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Slowine Shiraz 06'

Naked Wine Review 91
Wine: Slowine from around our mountain Shiraz
Producer: Villersdorp Cellar
Vintage: 06'
Region: South Africa
Price: 10.00
Date tasted: 2/6/12
Place tasted: Sitting on the back of a very large turtle, my friend Bob and I played call and response with the echoing voice of insanity bursting forth from a full and somewhat terrifying full moon. All night long we sang and sipped at the sweet gentle gem libations that filled our glasses. May all beings everywhere be happy and free.
Serve with: Bob and I enjoyed it with African Spiced London Broil. It would go well with a variety of strong cheeses & hors d'oeuvres; stews; grilled meats; lamb; red sauced pasta dishes, and things of that nature. Oh, and don't forget the Posh Chocolat!
Appearance: A rich, muted ruby red glow.
On the snoot: Phat plum and sweet mineral spice provide a very comforting breath, giving one a warm sense of affluence. 
Taste: Plum and big fruit dominate, suspended in thick chewy herbaceous integrity with just a hint of vanilla. Satin tannin sheets caress the satisfied naked palate. A strong, musky body provides a wonderful mouth-filling experience as he gently pulses into a slow muscular heady finish. 
Whew, is anyone else a little warm?
Balance: A full bodied beauty; big; rubenesque.
Comments: This wine would be enhanced if consumed while listening to Anton Bruckner; or if you're not into the classical thing then you might want to go with Rammstein. Trust me, I'm the Wine Witch, I know these things. 
Rating: 4 tipsys (worth twice the price)