Thursday, April 25, 2013

Don Ramon, Perez Juan
Campo de Borja 10'

Naked Wine Review 119
Wine: Don Ramon, Perez Juan 
Grapes: 75% Grenache, 25% Tempranillo 
Producer: Campo De Borja>Estate bottled
Vintage: 10'
Region: Spain>Aragon>Campo De Borja 
Price: 7.00
Date tasted: 4/22/13, Earth Day
Place tasted: In a deep afternoon napmare I was traveling to a new star system. I cried as the Earth vanished behind me, riding my dragon into outer space. I had a stow away toad I called Crocus to remember her by tucked safely in my shirt pocket. They spun lies of hatred and fear back there. I'll never forget the look of shocked betrayal on your face the day you found out they had been poisoning your morning coffee all this time. If only foresight were 20/20, or at least not completely blind. Then I woke up.
I have faith in the good guys, that's you & I. So my new dream buddy Crocus and I raise a glass of hope to the Earth every single day; and to Jane & Amanda: What Future, and Joy Camp, and to all good people who nurture the awakening of the masses. Go team 'Love the Earth'! Here's to you, Salud'. 
Served with: I had it with a Greek style stromboli. It would pair well with red sauce pasta dishes, earthy flavors like mushrooms, red meats and game, strong cheeses and things of that nature. Stay away from seafood, citrus or cream sauces.
Appearance: Dense dark cherry with the nostalgic glow of vintage red glass.
On the snoot: Sweet wild flowers, dark spice and cassis with just a whisper of fresh catnip. 
Taste: The journey begins with an exotic blend of rich blackberry, cardamum and eucalyptus. Plentiful toasty tannins gently caress the spirit as the finish walks you out from the shore a ways before dropping off quickly. Woo-hoo! Swim Wino, swim! Lets go again! 
Balance: Nice medium balance with slow moving wavy legs. An eloquently understated blending of the four elements.
Comments: A tasty fun wine that is easy to enjoy. She's a real Cinderella experience. I've had many wines not nearly as good as this one at twice the price. 
I think I'll go get a case of it just to have around. 

Rating: 3.8 tipsys, outstanding value.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bogle Vineyards Petite Sirah 10'

Naked Wine Review 118
Wine: Petite Sirah
Producer: Bogle Vineyards
Vintage: 10'
Region: California
Price: 11.00
Date tasted: 4/1/13
Place tasted: There was a guy pointing a laser gun at what appeared to be a very frightened robot. I was just standing there wondering where my hands and my voice had gone. Suddenly the thought of a rainy day on an ocean shore crossed my mind and I was there, hands & voice intact. I closed my eyes and drew a deep wet breath of salty ocean magic and upon the exhale opened my eyes and was in a small cottage viewing the sea through fog and naked madronas, the rhythmic mantra of rain taping at my windows. A lively fire was glowing from behind the hearth warming my back as I sipped on a deep purple glass of happiness. A raging song welled in my heart till it bellowed out through my voice like massive water falling hard and fast to the earth where she absorbed me, my hands, my voice, and all of it. Forever here, forever gone. Where were you?
Served with: a slice of bleu cheese steak roll on creamy garlic smashed potatoes (you mash em', I smash em'). She would pair well with grilled meats, beef, lamb, game, pork tenderloin, strong cheeses, dark chocolate and things of that nature. 
Appearance: Like gazing into an opaque purple inky pool, and when the light hits just right it glows a surreal fluorescent fuschia.
On the snoot: A pungent and enchanting perfume etched with bramble patch and  oak, in a weighty old time corner tobacco shop base.
Taste: She exudes a rich and spicy character; heavy with blueberry, leather and pepper. From beginning to end she's a black night sky filled with galaxies of twinkling tannins that linger on a breath of smoke, licorice and cocoa. 
Balance: Big and bold with thick fat purple legs that saunter slowly down the sides of your glass. Not too sweet; not too acid; not too hot; and mmm, lots of tannin. She's just right. 
Comments: I love this wine. It is everything there is to love about wine in an affordable bottle. You really should try it.

I dedicate this review to my father on what was his birthday in this dimension. 
"Here's to Dad, may he be happy in another dimension."
(Molly said that)
Cin Cin

Rating: 4 tipsys...excellent value.