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Ventisquero Grey Single Block Carmenere 11'

Naked Wine Review 171

Wine: Ventisquero Grey Single Block
Grape: Carmenere
Producer: Vina Ventisquero Ltd.
Vintage: 11'
Region: Chile>Maipo Valley
Price: 12.00-18.00 seems to be the average
Date tasted: 12/22/15, A Winter Solstice Treat
Place tasted: I had just returned from Starbucks where I ordered an 8oz bone dry cappuccino in an offensive red cup and bought them out of those adorable little polar bear cookies with their throats cut (well I would have, were they not discontinued). Starbucks rocks! 
There are so many Real problems in the world right now; radiation, tyrannical governments, weather control being used as a WMD… maybe take on one of Those instead of getting upset over the color of a paper cup or seeing a cut throat where a red scarf actually exists on a polar bear cookie.
So back on topic, with the energy obtained by the cappuccino I put together a marvelous shepherds pie using lambs, yams, and other yummy things. 
I then poured a glass of wine and toasted to blissful peace in the magical longest night. 
May you all be merry, Fearless, and Kind to one another now and throughout the new year. Skal All.
Served with: A Kind of Shepherds Pie (to view recipe click that link, look to your right on the sidebar or in 'Food & Wine Pairing' link on banner at top of page). They paired Beautifully! A food friendly wine that would go nicely with a wide range of cheeses; Italian herbs & sweet spices; and meats of lamb, venison, beef stews and foul. Also veggie matter of corn, sweet potato, and mushrooms.
Appearance: Like a glowing orb of pomegranate, rich ruby red with intense violet swoons that grace your happy glass. Thick bulbous legs move slowly down the sides as if to enchant all who dare stare deeply into her liquid soul. She is indeed, very pretty.
On the snoot: Blueberry and roses deliver a pleasing punch to the snoot while the heavy perfume of soft cedar and pineapple kush present on the exhale. Her scent is exquisite.
Taste: A burst of deep dark berry washes over the palate as a halo of sweet basil 
orbits the outer limits of the tongue, pleasing and drinkable. She comes on strong with a quenching quality and then rides away on an etherial red velvet wave of extremely soft tannins in lingering decent.
Balance: Sugar over acid, but not too much so; dishonest tannins, too refined and polite to know what they are Really thinking; alcohol dances light and lively. 
Comments: This wine is good in the way that Ken and Barbie are good. She's well dressed and has quite pleasing flavors. She is exactly as she should be, but has little to define her unique unto herself, lacking the eccentric complexities that I seek to excite me when looking for a new piece of wine strange. This wine 'makes love'. I prefer a less tender expression of affection. That said, she is very food friendly and I cannot imagine a more perfect wine to suit the unusual version of shepherds pie she was paired with. You won't be disappointed, but you probably won't mark the anniversary either. 

Rating: 3.78 tipsys

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