Saturday, December 24, 2011

Sky River Raspberry Honey Wine

Naked Wine Review 88
Wine: Sky River Raspberry Honey Wine (Mead)
Producer: The Sky River Meadery
Vintage: I don't know, they won't tell me
Region: USA>Washington State>Sultan
Price: 14.00
Date tasted: 12/23/11
Place tasted: During a fallow moment, mid stride of one of the more special blossoms in my life's bouquet. As I faded out, and then faded back in again, I thought to myself, 'I have the most brilliant, talented, and funny family ever. How did I get so lucky?' I also thought, 'damn, this is really good mead!'
Serve with: Smoked salmon & brie snacks would mate well with her. She would also be fantastic with cheese cake or any rich desert that cries out for fruit. 
Appearance: Bright honey sunshine through dense raspberry red.
On the snoot: is the soft passionate breath of fresh naked raspberries.
Taste: Raspberries packed in honey. Bright to mellow and back again. It's like listening to the Echos' side of Pink Floyd's Meddle album. 
Balance: Sweet, but not sticky; a bright raspberry force combines with the inner strength of alcohol and pulls her into perfect balance. 
Comments: You know how scents are a huge memory trigger? Well it seems raspberry memories will always make you smile. Sip slowly, savor her charms, and go someplace nice in your past. I think you already did. 
I can't help but think of a lyric from the great and powerful, Fiona Apple...slow like honey, heavy with mood.
Rating: 4 glowing tipsys

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Marina Piper Pinot Noir 08'

Naked Wine Review 87
Wine: Marina Piper Pinot Noir 
Producer: Cottonwood Winery
Vintage: 08'
Region: Oregon
Price: 16.00
Date tasted: 12/09/11
Place tasted: I had traveled six hundred miles to join my original clan who live near the north pole. The air was crisp and clean where the snow sparkled like cocaine under a full moon. There was a river edged with icy lace and the magical ability to erase any unnecessary thoughts that may otherwise have obfuscated the clarity of the moment. Happy to enjoy the simple pleasure of a glass of wine in the the warm comfort of fire, family, and food.
Serve with: Salmon and other seafood or mildly prepared beef, pork, and bird would all be good to match with this wine. Mushroom dishes and sweet veggies would be ideal as well. I had it with lemon pasta and seared scallops, yummy!
Appearance: Glowing ruby, infused with brilliant winter light.
On the snoot: Rose and lavender embrace and share their deepest secrets with all the comfort and trust of life long friends.
Taste: Strawberry softly muted with star annis and vanilla bean expands quickly along the palate like a riptide of vinum virtute. A solid structure lifts and suspends the senses in a perfect fruit, mineral, and earth heaven before exhaling into the finish, where she leaves behind a beach of lingering soft floral delights. 
Balance: Light bodied with lots of character. No sweet, no bite. Tannins are feathery and understated. 
Comments: 'This wine was recorded through a fly's ear; and you have to have a fly's eye to see it'....(altered from Captain Beefheart: Trout Mask Replica, a W.W. favorite!) 
Let her breath for at least an hour before imbibing. There is a naked classical ballerina earth spirit dancing in that bottle. Try it, you'll see. 
Rating: 3.8 tipsys, excellent value