Friday, November 11, 2011

Columbia Winery Merlot 07'

Naked Wine Review 86
Wine: Mostly Merlot (85%)
Producer: Columbia Winery
Vintage: 07'
Region: Washington>Columbia Valley
Price: Average price 13.00 (7.99 at Washington State Liquor Store)
Date tasted: 11/09/11
Place tasted: I was standing still in the long and loving embrace of rain. A beautiful mineral perfume hung heavy in the enchanted fogy air, while joyful music echoed on my windows. Her naked toes tapping out ancient healing mantra; a most glorious dance that by divine nature cleanses and revitalizes a tired, longing soul. A beautiful moment shared with a glass of fine merlot. 
Serve with: It says on the bottle to try with eggplant parmesan, so that's what I did. Wonderful!
It would also pair well with grilled red meats, strong cheeses, and dark chocolate.
Appearance: A clear and glowing deep Bing Cherry red.
On the snoot: are subtle wafts of cranberry and vanilla incense.
Taste: Tastefully understated cherry notes with moist tobacco, carmel, and a hint of cocoa bean. Softly rounded triangular tannins copulate and multiply with smoky oak on the warm bed of your grateful palate as it moves into a blissfully lingering finish. 
Balance: Well balanced and quite sturdy in all four elements of sugar, acid, tannin, and alcohol.  
Comments: A sexy, masculine, and eloquent wine that seems to bring on spontaneous visualizations of Aidan Quinn. Go figure. It will bring a smile to your lips as your sip and ponder away on a lovely, rainy evening. Life is good.
Rating: 3.7 tipsys
excellent value