Friday, December 28, 2012

Gosset Brut Excellence

Naked Wine Review 112
Wine: Champagne
Grapes: 45% Pinot Noir, 42% Chardonnay & 13% Pinot Meunier 
Producer: Gosset
Vintage: Non-Vintage
Region: France>Champagne
Price: 38.00
Date tasted: 12/21/12
Place tasted: I was at an End of the World, Solstice, Saturnalia, and early (as the world was ending before it) birthday celebration for my BFF. All the big names were there; Richard Brautigan, Lar Xydefub, Kerlopetron Zingwinger, just to name a few. Times like these it's so nice to have a poet, a garden gnome, and an alien physicist around to keep you company. Lar had a few too many and at one point turned poor Kerlopetron into a fish. It was a temporary spell and we all had a good giggle....well, most of us did. Dick even wrote a poem about it. Never dare a garden gnome in front of a mad poet! Lesson learned.
I wish you all laughter and a home filled with kindred spirits, whatever occasion you decide to celebrate. A votre sante!
Served with: Goat cheese stuffed mushrooms with bread crumbs & rosemary; and Smoked salmon & caviar yum yums. It's very versatile and food friendly, so pair with whatever strikes your fancy.
Appearance: Tight bubbles dance up the center of the glass as if playing in deep golden liquid sunshine. 
On the snoot: Subtle sweet floral bouquet with just a hint of pear.
Taste: A crisp citrusy grapefruit with slight mineral etchings brings balance to her soft delicate and somewhat creamy inner nature. Finish has a light juicy elegance with tight little naked bubbles that almost seem to evaporate before tickling down the back of your throat. 
Balance: Beautifully balanced with all the grace and poise of a prima ballerina. Swan Lake comes to mind as I sip and contemplate....
Comments: She's obviously been to finishing school and graduated with honors. I don't have much experience with Champagne but color me smitten and impressed. Try some yourself and ring in the new year in style. 
Here's to you, my dear friends. May we all savour abundant good fortune and rewards for our efforts in the coming year and always...So mote it be!!

Rating: 4 tipsys

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Bourgogne La Chapelle
Notre-Dame Pinot Noir 10'

Naked Wine Review 111
Wine: P. Dubreuil-Fontaine Bourgogne La Chapelle Notre-Dame
Grape: Pinot Noir
Producer:  P. Dubreuil-Fontaine Pere & Fils
Vintage: 10'
Region: France>Burgundy>La Chapelle Notre-Dame>Bourgogne Controlee
Price: 20.00
Date tasted: 12/12/12
Place tasted: I was in an abandoned tree house in the middle of ol' Grapers back woods. Someone would have asked me if I were alright had I not messed up my trail of bread crumbs. It had snowed on my gold fish earlier which made him happy as he chased the little flakes around his bowl. There was a nice selection of wine in that warm solar-paneled tree house so I chose this French Pinot Noir to sip on as my view expanded over twilights indigo kingdom; crescent moon shining silent and empty on the earths snowy winter facade.
Served with: I had it with baked salmon and miso butter served on a bed of spinach and fresh basil garnished with lemon wedges. 
Fish, chicken, duck, cream sauces, mushrooms, brie...all good choices. Go with subtle flavors to complement the delicate beauty of this wine.
Appearance: A pale clear candy apple red through which a gentle neon orange glow emanates.
On the snoot: Strong powerful floral nose mingling with strawberries and soft wet moss.
Taste: Fruit forward with strawberries, clean and dry. Complexities featuring slight mushroom and sweet earth join the ride in mid palate followed by a slight feather dusting of tannin on the finish which lingers and levitates like a blessing before her final ascension.
Balance: Well balanced, light and dry. She is elegant with colorful complexities, depth of character, and well defined integrity. 
Comments: All good wines go to heaven, and this truly fine Pinot Noir has earned her wings. She tastes like an exotic floral bouquet (and I don't say that to all the wines).

p.s. May you all have a marvelously decadent Solstice & Saturnalia. Exchange garden gnomes, eat human shaped biscuits(good luck getting the one with the bean), drink up the good cheer and drunken naked carol till your cold hard nipples and neighbors can't take anymore. Io! Saturnalia! 

Rating: 4 staggering tipsys!

-A special thank you to CVS Pharmacy in Missoula, MT for their fantastic wine selection and knowledgeable staff. Everyone loves the wine guy!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Chateau Puech-Haut
Le Prestige 10'

Naked Wine Review 110
Wine: Chateau Puech-Haut Le Prestige
Grape Variety: 60% Grenache, 30% Syrah, 5% Mourvedre, and 5% Carignan 
Producer: Philipee Cambie & Eric Solomon
Vintage: 10'
Region: France>Languedoc Roussillon>Languedoc>Coteaux du Languedoc>Saint-Drezery
Price: 20.00
Date tasted: 11/27/12
Place tasted: I grabbed my bottle of wine and made sure I was packing a reliable cork screw and balloon glass. Then I danced right through that magic portal into a land of lavender scented rain, waterfalls, and ocean shores. There I sipped my wine in the company of glowing madrona's and colorful starfish; the warm soothing song of the faeries lulling me into sweet serenity. 
Served with: Italian spinach sausage pie would be good. Serve with strong, sturdy flavors such as lamb, venison, and other red meats. Things like herby red sauces, sharp cheddar or bleu cheese, and rich dark chocolate are good choices as well. Avoid more subtle flavors such as cream sauces and fish. She can handle a fair amount of spice and begs to be somewhat challenged when pairing with food. 
Appearance: Rich ruby velvet muted with a soft glowing antique light, inspiring memories of quiet old books and simpler times.
On the snoot: I see a woman standing in the kitchen of an old country cottage picking spices from a cupboard. There's a vase of fragrant fresh cut flowers bursting forth from the heavy dark oak table behind her. She's preparing a variety of berry pies, tarts, and jams to sell at tomorrows community marketplace. This wine embodies the scent of that image.
Taste:  Dense, dry and complex, she is a vision dressed in black current, anise, and cracked pepper. A mouthful of pleasing elements such as earth, mineral and wood accessorize her charming demeanor. The long full and satisfying finish with plentiful soft tannins leaves your palate feeling joyfully blessed and spiritually grounded.
Balance: She is perfectly balanced; focused, centered and clear in her intention. She moves slow like lava and displays a full sensuous naked body with no one particular feature dominating another. 
Comments: This wine takes place in a different time. It's as if you can taste the ancestors in the grapes flowing through ancient vines, like the blood in all of us.

Rating: 4 tipsys

p.s....Just for you:
You are one of a kind. You are here to bless the earth and her beings in your own special way, and your life has meaning. Do not allow 'the Borg' or anyone else to convince you that you are anything less than this. 
Here's to you and your beautiful self!
Cin Cin

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Blessings and Peace to All

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Les Vignes de Bila-Haut
Cotes du Roussillon Villages Blanc 11'

Naked Wine Review 109
Wine: Les Vignes de Bila-Haut
Grape Variety: Blend of Grenache Blanc, Grenache Gri, and Macabeu
Producer: Michael Chapoutier
Vintage: 11'
Region: France>Roussillon>Cotes du Roussillon Villages
Price: 14.00
Date tasted: 11/11/12
Place tasted: I had spent the day making myself strong in body, mind, and spirit through mantra, meditation, and Kundalini Yoga. Every fiber of my being felt alive and ready to give and receive all the creative force of the Universe, feeling safe and inspired in the moment where I 'Thrive'. So after composing an opera that when listened to would cause peoples auras to go full on rainbow, climbing Mount Everest, and writing a poem to save the world, I decided to kick back and sip a glass of wine with a smile on my face and a song in my heart. Cheers to you, and your incredible potential and personal power, and may you always and forever, 'Thrive'.
Served with: Lemon Baked Cod ala Wine Witch. It would be great with any white meat, especially Thanksgiving Day turkey :)
Appearance: Pale clear golden with slight emerald glow.
On the snoot: Candied pear with angel food cake and a little banana goo on top. 
Taste: Opens dry, a light crisp pear mingling with floral notes. She then gently moves into something rich and grounded with a soft tropical spirit. A little lime on the finish lingers clean and has an inoffensive and interesting touch of himalayan sea salt.
Balance: Very well balanced with a beautiful svelte naked body. Nice and dry with no sticky sweetness, and yet no sharp bite or bitter edges either.
Comments: She's sings soprano well, which not all soprano's manage to do. I don't usually prefer whites unless they are solid and grounded. This one is really good. Thanks to Chris at Wordens Market in Missoula for introducing me to such a fine lady of a wine. 
Other comments:
When you see surveillance cameras, do you always stick your tongue out at them, flip them off, or hiss at them like a mad cat; or is it just me who does that?

Rating: 3.7 tipsys; a good value wine.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Marie de Beauregard Chinon
100% Cabernet Franc 09'

Naked Wine Review 108
Wine: Marie de Beauregard Chinon
Grape Varietal: Cabernet Franc
Producer: Saget La Perriere
Vintage: 09'
Region: France>Loire Valley>Chinon
Price: 20.00
Date tasted: 10/27/12
Place tasted: I missed a yoga class as well as shoulders and butts n' guts day at the gym because I could not tear myself away from the Supernatural marathon....Did you not? Anyway, preparing lamb during commercial breaks and beginning to sip wine at an appropriate hour, I felt as sane and solid as a snowflake; or some kind of flake anyway. 
Served with: Lamb roast with roasted vegetables. They bring out the best in each other like all good matches do.  
Appearance: She's dressed in a deep dark, blissfully opaque ruby gown, dancing and swirling gracefully around your glass.
On the snoot: Floral on the snoot; featuring a hint of Jasmine resting on soft earth. 
Taste: She opens with a fascinating fruit combination of pie cherry sweetened by naked black current hugs. Well integrated thick chewy tannins mingle with tar, creosote, and just a hint of vanilla from start to finish, which lingers long and dry. 
Balance: Well balanced medium body with lots of tannin. A soft fuzzy wine, showing a complex and intelligent nature.
Comments: Opens up nicely after an hour or two, so let her breathe well before imbibing. 
In other comments, 
WARNING: Never watch commercials. It will turn you into one of those Physician Pepper 'I gotta be me' drones; all dressed the same and doing the exact same song & dance. Now, who was it you had to be? 

Rating: 3.8 tipsys

Monday, October 15, 2012

Potel-Aviron Julienas
Cru Beaujolais 08'

Naked Wine Review 107
Wine: Cru Beaujolais Red Wine 
Grape Variety: Gamay
Producer: Potel-Aviron
Vintage: 08'
Region: France>Burgundy>Cru Beaujolais>Julienas
Price: 17.00
Date tasted: 10/10/12
Place tasted: I don't know. Where the hell was I? Honestly, I don't think anyone has ever been to THAT place before, naked or otherwise. It was cold. It was dry. It was sunny, and it was hot as well. The last thing I remember I can't remember...know what I mean? I think God was with me, or was it Bob? Thank Dionysus there was a good bottle of wine there so I could at least go mad in style. 
To the Cult of the Souls! 
Cheers All.
Served with: Fried green tomatoes with dollop of Greek yogurt, and marinated grilled chicken. Her light floral nature goes well with dishes that most white wines also agree with, such as chicken and vegetables; she will also work well with simply prepared red meats. She's pretty versatile; you could even serve chilled if that's your thing. Avoid with seafood or heavy cream sauces.   
Appearance: A very light and clear garnet with burnt orange refractions. She'll light up your glass when she pours into it.
On the snoot: Sandalwood and strawberry combine in a haunting perfume. Quite heavy on the sandalwood, she has an enchanting presence. Love the snoot.
Taste: She makes a grand and unforgettable entrance dressed in rich flavors of juicy strawberry, bright and quenching without being sharp or edgy. Earth and wood incorporate with jammy fruit and just a sprinkle of pepper in mid palate. Finishes long and satisfying with soft tannin and a slight hint of tobacco. 
Balance: Medium to light weight with beautifully toned legs. She packs a fair amount of acid; light on tannin and alcohol, sugar too, for that matter; thin, but healthy and full of energy. She's happy, well balanced and sane. I wonder what that's like? 
Comments: From what I've heard of Beaujolais I did not expect to be that impressed. Wrong! I am simply smitten. She is bursting with depth and character. A well dressed, poised, and brilliant woman of a wine...not the giggling little girl that I expected. (don't tell the 08' I said this, but I bet the 09' might be even better...well, you know those 09's have a reputation ;) 

Rating: 3.8 tipsys 

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Chateau Bonnet Red Bordeaux Controlee 09'

Naked Wine Review 106
Wine: Red Bordeaux 
Grape Variety: 50% Cabernet 50% Merlot
Estate: Chateau Bonnet
Producer: S.C.E.A. Les Vignobles Andre Lurton
Vintage: 09'
Region: France>Bordeaux>Bordeaux Controlee
Bottling Location: Mis En Bouteille Au Chateau (bottled at the chateau)
Price: 15.00 seems to be the average cost
Date tasted: September, it's all been the same day this month. 
Short month, long day.
Place tasted: I tasted this wine comfortably in the memory of a rainy day. I was remembering what air was like and how much I really used to enjoy breathing it. I miss the days before the fires and smoke when undines fell from the sky, singing and gently tapping at my window beckoning me to join in their liquatious celebration. 
Until we meet again, I will smile with delight in anticipation of our inevitable joyous reunion. Cin Cin!
Served with: Grilled sirloin steak & ratatouille. Complements with medium to strong flavors such as herby pasta dishes, grilled red meats, hard cheeses, dark chocolate, and wild wild women. 
Appearance: Deep cherry red draped in darkness moving with slow viscosity through someone else's moonlight. 
On the snoot: Heady and provocative, with a warm bouquet of black cherry, sweet pipe tobacco, and vintage leather.
Taste: There's that black cherry again, but there's also a plum tree in the orchard. She's a mouthful of fruit leading to a place where smoky leather gently pats the naked fannies of multiple seductive tannins. In the afterglow, lingering visions of cocoa, earth, and peppercorn leave the palate euphoric and wandering through a long, well defined finish. 
Balance: Medium to full bodied and perfectly balanced with no aspect dominant or missing. She's smooth and dry with the gentle nature, poise, and grace of royalty. Long live the queen.
Comments: Now THAT'S a Bordeaux! She's delightful company and eternally sexy, kinda like Catherine Deneuve.  

Rating: 4 tipsys

Wine for this review compliments of:
White Plains, NY

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Vidal-Fleury Cotes du Rhone 09'

Naked Wine Review 105
Wine: Rhone Red Wine
Grape Variety: Grenache 65%; Syrah 20%; Mourvedre 10%; 
Carignan 5%
Producer: Vidal-Fleury
Vintage: 09'
Region: France>Cotes du Rhone>Controlee
Price: 15.00
Date tasted: 9/3/12
Place tasted: I was holed up in a cheap motel room somewhere in Idaho, hiding from naked government spies.... don't ask.
My dear friend and ally, Bob, had come along to help keep me calm and centered. Luckily I'd grabbed this bottle of Cotes du Rhone before we slinked out of town. 
Locked in our motel room under assumed names, with blinds drawn, wearing stolen clothes and driving a rental car, we felt as safe and warm as if we were living in an old episode of 'Leave it to Beaver'. So why not relax, sip, and enjoy a moment of artificial peace? 
Good ol' Bob; bad ol' spies. 
Served with: Moussaka, with it's rich sweet lamby goodness and gentle spices paired beautifully with the wines elegant dry complexities. 
This wine can handle strong flavors and plenty of acid and herb. Red pasta dishes, grilled meats, strong cheese...all good choices. Stay away from more subtle flavors as the wine will overpower them.
Appearance: Dense blood red body with a glowing deep purple soul.
On the snoot: Sandalwood and berries laced with wet, nose quenching minerality. 
Taste: Herb and earth forward with notes of the rare blueberry fig fruit and a slight mid range tang. Finish is long and captivating with peppery firm leather wrapped tannins. She's everything a fine wine should be.
Balance: Hot, with light to medium body, high acidity/alcohol, no residual sugar, and a plethora of warm fuzzy little tannins. Very nice.
Comments: Let breathe for an hour or so before imbibing. Her perfume is enchanting and her character, exotic yet subtle. 
You should buy some; and I should buy more. 

Rating: 3.8 tipsys, excellent value.

Wine for this review compliments of:
White Plains, NY

Friday, August 31, 2012

Arcangelo Primitivo 10'

Naked Wine Review 104
Wine: Primitivo 
Producer: Palama Arcangelo
Vintage: 10'
Region: Italia>Puglia>Salento
Price: 15.00
Date tasted: 8/31/12
Place tasted: I was not yet drunk and pondering my luck in the fullness of the brightest red 'blue moon' you've ever seen. Though the fire of the moment seemed to singe the tender edges of my spirit, I took comfort visualizing my journey back to the place where all the blue spilled out. A glass of wine later I was smiling with eyes closed; faeries and fish gods healing around me. 
A ogni uccelll il suo nido e bello. 
Cin Cin
Served with: I enjoyed it with antipasto skewers. It would go well with quite a variety of things such as, burgers, pork ribs, red sauced pasta dishes, all kinds of cheeses, and luscious dark chocolate; available at Frans Chocolates in Seattle and online.
Appearance: Clear bright garnet red with burnt orange edges.
On the snoot: A heavy spirit filled with blackberry jam and vanilla perfume.
Taste: Huge mouthful of juicy blackberry, tempered with a subtle hint of vanilla. Mid palate has a tiny ring of inoffensive tartness followed by just a hint of tannin on the finish, which is also kind of wet and jammy. 
Balance:  Rubenesque; such is the nature of red zinfandel...a little light on acid, a little heavy on sugar.
Comments: A red wine that people who don't like red wine will enjoy. Though she covers an acceptable spectrum of tasty, pretty, and nicely perfumed, she is lacking in complexity, rendering her a little uninteresting to me. Was she naked? I didn't notice.

Rating: 3.4 tipsys

Friday, August 17, 2012

Lange Pinot Noir 10'

Naked Wine Review 103
Wine: Pinot Noir
Producer: Lange Winery
Vintage: 10'
Region: Oregon>Willamette Valley
Price: 21.00
Date tasted: 8/13/12
Place tasted:  In my dream I was in this bar where there were these machines that rang like bells and played little tunes. People would sit in front of them, put money into them, push buttons, and just stare at them for hours, their faces void of all expression. I began to feel a hopeless sense of depression wash over me. Abandoning my poorly designed cocktail (why pay for it twice?) I exited the disturbing and surreal situation by simply opening my eyes. 'It didn't really happen; it didn't really happen.' To shake it off I poured a savory glass of Pinot Noir and moved into the kitchen for some creative culinary therapy. Food & wine, it's a beautiful thing....nightmares, not so much.
Served with: Perfect with Coq au vin. Stay with foods more subtle in character such as salmon, duck, chicken, mushrooms, mellow cheeses, and things of that nature.
Appearance: Clear cherry red with antique edges of light and a childlike glow of innocence.  
On the snoot: A pungent perfume of violets and wild flowers growing in cedar soaked earth. I suggest you take a long moment to appreciate and ponder her unique and lovely scent.
Taste: Sudden impact of bright strawberry followed by a soft herbal scented breath on the exhale; a beautiful marriage of yin/yang energies in one naked little sip. Finish is wet and lingers like sunshine in images of floral and wood. 
Balance: She has a well balanced light body with no residual sugar; minimal tannin; and a gentle, elegant demeanor.
Comments: A good Pinot Noir is all about the snoot, don't cha' think? I was quite taken with the lovely bouquet on this one; after tasting however, I found her a bit too soprano for my personal taste. In human form she would sing like Kate Bush. If that's the kind of thing you like, you should go there. 
I find the timbre of Morphine or The Mars Volta a more spirit feeding experience. 
Either way, here's to your good health.

Rating: 3.5 tipsys

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Duca di Cardino Chianti 10'

Naked Wine Review 102
Wine: Duca di Cardino, Chianti
Producer: Enogest Winery
Vintage: 10'
Region: Italy>Tuscany>Montalcino>
Could not find 
the actual address, 
but there ya go :)
Price: 16.00
Date tasted: 7/12/12
Place tasted: It was early, it was safe. I was listening to Florence tell me 'the dog days are over' and milking that moment of peace and solitude for all it was worth. 
Faeries danced on raindrops that cooled and soothed my inner chaos and washed it all away. 
Preparing food and sipping a glass of Chianti, I could not help but think of you, and smile. 
Served with: Sausage & feta stuffed bell peppers was a good idea for sure! Many things go well with Chianti; stay with red meats and stronger more acidic flavors as it will overpower more subtle ones.
Appearance: Rich opaque cranberry with a rusty glow.
On the snoot: The distinct and pleasing scent of a lavender colored waterfall.
Taste: Opens with a mouthful of etherial cherry whispers wrapped up in a soft eiderdown of herbaceous coriander with little licorice dimples. Tannins are firm and dependable leading into a long, reflective finish. 
Balance: Medium body with beautiful naked legs all over your glass. More acid than sweet but still smooth and centered. Very nice.
Comments: She comes on hot, just the way you like it. Let her catch her breath for a few before devouring. Then devour away.
"If I ever go missing, I want my picture on a wine bottle instead of a milk carton so my friends can find me"
-random quote found online
Rating: 3.7 tipsys

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

El Bombero Grenache Blend 11'

Naked Wine Review 101
Wine: Grenache Blend
Producer: El Bombero
Vintage: 11'
Region: Spain>Aragon>Carinena
Price: 14.00
Date tasted: 7/13/12
Place tasted: I couldn't tell you as I was blindfolded and driven there, but I can express that an incredible view of something from somewhere held my attention captive for hours. It was an interesting evening, spent drinking wine in the charming company of the worlds greatest secret agent. That's pretty much all they'll let me tell you.
Served with: It's one of those reds that is so delicate and floral that it goes well with more subtle/light flavors. White sauces; chicken; duck; even salmon would be nice with it. Avoid spicy, strong, or highly acidic foods with this one. Try it with chicken al a king, it works. 
Appearance: An inspired elegant purple with neon fuchsia refractions. She's a stunning beauty.  
On the snoot: Brilliant floral perfume, strong in rose and violets; focused through a dense oaky fog.  
Taste: Rose, violet, and oak combine in such a perfect unity that any other flavors would obfuscate the radiance in her simplicity. Cushy tannins throughout gently guide the palate through a long satisfying finish.
Balance: Viscous, yet so dry, light, and graceful that she kind of levitates.
Comments: Her naked beauty sings in hypnotic harmony to your inner serenity. She's unique and outstanding.
May many happy blessings grace the world secret agent, for sharing this delightful bottle of wine with me. 
Cin Cin!
Rating: 4 immaculate tipsys, excellent value

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Blessings and Peace to All

Copyright © 2009-2015 Shawna Watson. All rights reserved.

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Blessings and Peace to All

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

14 Hands Hot to Trot Red Blend 09'

Naked Wine Review 100
Wine: Hot to Trot Red Blend
Producer: 14 Hands Winery
Vintage: 09'
Region: Washington State
Price: 11.00
Date tasted: 6/25/12
Place tasted: I was with my family years ago on a camping trip to Flathead Lake's Yellow Bay. We played charades and laughed until our sides ached. My little brother and I used to race empty pop cans down a little stream leading to the lake, each having our own special design to make our can the fastest. The swimming was great, once the ice cold water numbed your body. My older brother and sister would play pinochle with Mom and Dad and as I observed them I wondered if I would ever comprehend the complexities of that game. Shoot the moon? What? At the end of each day we gathered to share the same sunset; the same earth and sky; and the same wonderfully insane family. 
May your memories be blessed; past, present, and future. Cheers!
Served with: I enjoyed it with Italian Sausage/Apple Meatballs on Pasta w/Pine nuts. It would go well with any herby, red sauce pasta dish; grilled meats; medium to strong cheeses; or dark chocolate sauce on a naked friend....
but never, ever with lemon cake! That is just a murder/suicide combination, so please don't do that.
Appearance: Garnet so dense and opaque that if you gaze into it and really focus, you can see the present!
On the snoot: Complex and pungent bouquet of rich dark fruits wrapped in pastry accented with etherial spirits of oak, soft moss on wet rock, and vanilla tobacco. I think the snoot is her most lovely feature. 
Taste: Black current and dark berry fruit combine with baking spice, cocoa, and damp earth. Subtle oak and enlightened tannins from Zenland were added to inspire a calming, velvety smooth finish. She is mantra to the palate.
Balance: Acids, sugars, tannins, and alcohol blend together in a beautifully choreographed dance of perfect unity & balance.
Comments: Celebrate the love of family, as well as the strength of your independence and freedom with a bottle of 14 Hands Hot to Trot. A hearty thanks to my sister, Molly, for this tasty gift of wine. 
Rating: 3.8 tipsys 

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Blessings and Peace to All

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Waterbrook Melange Noir 08'

Naked Wine Review 99
Wine: Melange Noir (Red Blend)
Producer: Waterbrook
Vintage: 08'
Region: Washington>Columbia Valley
Price: 11.00
Date tasted: 6/16/12
Place tasted: I was thinking about how I was going to be chanting and dancing with twelve naked friends around a bonfire at the upcoming Summer Solstice celebration. I'm so excited, aren't you? Lets just all be careful not to burn our tender feet, or any other bits we may value or hold to speak :) A glass of wine and some pure and focused visualization will surely bring praise to the pony. 
Served with: Nez Perce Indian Cusine featuring steak, fry bread, and rainbow chard. In general, pair with red meats, bold herby sauces, strong cheese, and dark chocolate. Avoid with foods more subtle in flavor such as fish, mild cheeses, or cream sauces. 
Appearance: Dense clear garnet with a glowing purple aura.
On the snoot: Aromas of black cherries and wild flowers growing near a mountain stream; powerful and transportive. The scent alone is enough to send you straight to your 'happy place' did me.
Taste: She's hot, offering up a mouthful of rich dark cherry, licorice spice and cracked pepper. Finish is graced with thick chewy tannins, a breath of soft cedar, and mocha that lingers long and leaves you basking in the afterglow of her glory. I'm totally smitten with this one.
Balance: Acid over sweet, with lots of tannin. Very sane and well balanced. 
Comments: Waterbrook Winery, one of Walla Walla's founding wineries draws its name from the Nez Perce Indian dialect for Walla Walla, meaning 'Running Water.' (from the back of the bottle)
I dedicate this review to my parents, two of Chief Joseph's greatest admirers; a sentiment shared. 
Cin Cin 
Rating: 4 tipsys, excellent value

Monday, June 4, 2012

Santa Julia Malbec 10'

Naked Wine Review 98
Wine: Malbec
Producer: Bodega Santa Julia
Vintage: 10'
Region: Argentina>Mendoza
Price: 9.00
Date tasted: 6/3/11
Place tasted: I was leaping naked through a field of lavender when I remembered I had a bottle of Malbec waiting patiently in my picnic basket down by the lake. As I settled into a gentle stillness of body and spirit I sipped at the wine and thought about all the many times I had not done this before. 
Served with: Mendoza Style Empanadas from the Olivia-Quiroz family. The bottle says good with steaks, burgers, firm cheeses, and pastas with red sauces. Sounds right to me. 
Appearance: Silky muted ruby with amber edges. He's a sexy, masculine man of a wine. 
On the snoot: Aromas of bright red Argentine paint berries and spring wildflowers growing near a bramble patch. It's so pretty and pheromonal, I was in love before the first taste. 
Taste: Dry & juicy; a very promising beginning. Big plum and blackberry tempered with old leather and pipe tobacco fill the mouth with most satisfying extension and girth. Velvety tannins stroke the palate through a long echoing finish that goes on and on, never turning to sour or losing its 'juiciness'. Enjoy right up to the moment you move on to the next sip of divine ecstasy. 
Balance: Well balanced, toned and lean. More on the acid side, very food friendly. 
Comments: Be careful who you drink this with as the aphrodisiac  qualities are quite overwhelming. I'm just sayin'......
Rating: 3.8 hard tipsys

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Porcupine Ridge Syrah 10'

Naked Wine Review 97
Wine: Porcupine Ridge Syrah
Producer: Boekenhoutskloof
Vintage: 10'
Region: South Africa>Coastal Region
Price: 8.00
Date tasted: 05/20/12
Place tasted: I was on a big red sailboat; a rolling deep blue ocean, my only view. The psychic detox of water and an enhanced sensitivity to the flavors swirling around my glass of red, brought a profound sense of serenity to my being. I was so happy at that moment. I remember wearing Ian Mouldings blue hat and thinking about cheese. Now isn't that just too perfect?
Serve with: things that use lots of black pepper. Red meats, or strong cheeses would be a good complement. I had it with a dark chocolate raspberry torte. Decadent, just decadent. 
Appearance: I say garnet and purple, though the wine maker and other reviewers say ruby. I respectfully disagree; you can decide for yourself. Whichever 'hue' you chose, she's still dark, muted, and opaque. A very glamourous lady of a wine.
On the snoot:  is an earthy, aromatic stroll through dense blackberry perfumed woods. The snoot makes a good first impression, I like that. 
Taste: Concentrated dark fruit cascading over oak and wood. Cracked peppercorn yodels that echo through a rich black current & berry canyon command your full attention. Tannins are soft and plentiful as tribbles on the Enterprise. Finish lingers in a delightful embrace, cuddling and spooning the satisfied palate. 
Balance: Beautifully balanced with lots of body yet not too heavy or sweet; just many layers of harmonizing character. Well adjusted, educated, and charming. 
Comments: If you like South African wines, and particularly pinotage, you will like this syrah as well. She is exotic, unique, and will give your palate something to ponder. 
If you are looking for a cliche', beauty pageant winning, yawn they all taste alike but aren't they pretty? kinda wine, then look somewhere else. This wine would find you boring; and YOU would be completely unable to comprehend the truth and beauty in her complexities. Come on, go get some Porcupine Syrah and let the whole world be your comfort zone. Don't bore the wine.
Rating: 3.8 tipsys; excellent value

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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Almansa La Huella de Adaras
Red Blend 08'

Naked Wine Review 96
Wine: Almansa La Huella de Adaras-Red Blend of 60%Garnache Tintorera, 30% Monastrell, and 10% Cabernet Sauvignon 
Producer: Bodegas Almansenas
Vintage: 08'
Region: Spain>Almansa
Price: 13.00
Date tasted: 3/19/12>Vernal Equinox
Place tasted: I was hiding out in a parallel universe as another version of me moved through her day. Same car; different bumper stickers. You put those there, didn't you? I, however, am NOT my bumper stickers. I agreed with myself to pay them no heed, keep the car on the road, and continue to drive and observe. After my identity perception shifted into a more comfortable and seemingly honest zone, I sat down with myself and we both took great comfort in a large glass of wine. I know who I am.... and so do I. I'm sure you all can relate to this, right? So have a glass of wine and try to lighten up and relax. It's only life.
Served with:  A great steak wine, have it with a nice grilled ribeye; also would work well with red sauced pasta dishes, strong cheeses, and bold appetizers. 
Appearance: Deep ruby with a glowing purple aura.
On the snoot: Earth, mineral, herb, and spice combine with a sort of sour cherry candy scent; inspired and eccentric.
Taste: Very dry with heavy spice and basil-forward herbaceousness. Fruit hides around corners and lingers only in the background like a whispered rumor. Sour cherry with licorice shadows dance around the mid-palate before moving into a perfectly dry finish riddled with tiny triangular tannins. Her fully integrated ghost lingers to haunt the back of your throat before ascending into the light. 
Balance: A beautiful naked body with lovely svelte luscious legs. 
Comments: She's a bright young lady with plenty of talent and intelligence, but very little life experience. I think she'll show more warmth and depth of character in a few years. I'd say buy a bottle and hang on to it for a little while or at least let her breath at least an hour before imbibing.
Rating: 3.6 tipsys

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Bar Oil Cabernet Franc 08'

Naked Wine Review 95
Wine: Bar Oil Cabernet Franc
Vintage: 08'
Region: Made in Darby, Montana with grapes exclusively from Mount Saint Helena Vineyards, California.....cryolite free.
Price: 17.00
Date tasted: 3/24/12
Place tasted: I was taking a much needed break at the beginning of a long journey of getting in touch with my inner ping pong ball. In the safe, grounded, and happy land that is maintained by my BFF, I took a deep breath and smiled for the gift of a moment of stillness. She opened a bottle of Bar Oil and we sipped and marveled at the beauty and complexity of this finely crafted 100% Cabernet Franc. 
Served with: Marinated sirloin and veggie kabobs on jasmine rice. 
Appearance: She presents rich and beautiful, draped in a deep lustrous ruby gown.
On the snoot: Sweet cherry with soft herbal nuances. 
Taste: Waves of intense black cherry on impact that roll back out only to return in a tsunami rush of sage, black pepper, vanilla, and cedar. She's just filled with bodacious layers of fascinating contrasts and complements. The first finish (no I'm not kidding) is powerful with tannin, long and sticky. The second finish is more of a full juicy wet kiss. Wait for it.....there it is. For full effect drink it slow, real slow.
Balance: Hot, with incredible tannins that behave in a most unusual manner you must experience for yourself. Able to possess big fruit and body while maintaining her subtly svelte and classy dry red wine demeanor.  
Comments: 'When the sap of life gets stuck in your crack, a little bar oil will smooth out the stroke. Whether you're pushing or pulling, ENJOY THE RIDE!' (from the back of the bottle).
A beautifully designed wine showing outstanding architecture. I can't stop thinking about slowly savoring her full and delicious naked body. More, must have more! 

Rating: 4 exotic tipsys