Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Waterbrook Melange Noir 08'

Naked Wine Review 99
Wine: Melange Noir (Red Blend)
Producer: Waterbrook
Vintage: 08'
Region: Washington>Columbia Valley
Price: 11.00
Date tasted: 6/16/12
Place tasted: I was thinking about how I was going to be chanting and dancing with twelve naked friends around a bonfire at the upcoming Summer Solstice celebration. I'm so excited, aren't you? Lets just all be careful not to burn our tender feet, or any other bits we may value or hold dear....so to speak :) A glass of wine and some pure and focused visualization will surely bring praise to the pony. 
Served with: Nez Perce Indian Cusine featuring steak, fry bread, and rainbow chard. In general, pair with red meats, bold herby sauces, strong cheese, and dark chocolate. Avoid with foods more subtle in flavor such as fish, mild cheeses, or cream sauces. 
Appearance: Dense clear garnet with a glowing purple aura.
On the snoot: Aromas of black cherries and wild flowers growing near a mountain stream; powerful and transportive. The scent alone is enough to send you straight to your 'happy place'....it did me.
Taste: She's hot, offering up a mouthful of rich dark cherry, licorice spice and cracked pepper. Finish is graced with thick chewy tannins, a breath of soft cedar, and mocha that lingers long and leaves you basking in the afterglow of her glory. I'm totally smitten with this one.
Balance: Acid over sweet, with lots of tannin. Very sane and well balanced. 
Comments: Waterbrook Winery, one of Walla Walla's founding wineries draws its name from the Nez Perce Indian dialect for Walla Walla, meaning 'Running Water.' (from the back of the bottle)
I dedicate this review to my parents, two of Chief Joseph's greatest admirers; a sentiment shared. 
Cin Cin 
Rating: 4 tipsys, excellent value

Monday, June 4, 2012

Santa Julia Malbec 10'

Naked Wine Review 98
Wine: Malbec
Producer: Bodega Santa Julia
Vintage: 10'
Region: Argentina>Mendoza
Price: 9.00
Date tasted: 6/3/11
Place tasted: I was leaping naked through a field of lavender when I remembered I had a bottle of Malbec waiting patiently in my picnic basket down by the lake. As I settled into a gentle stillness of body and spirit I sipped at the wine and thought about all the many times I had not done this before. 
Served with: Mendoza Style Empanadas from the Olivia-Quiroz family. The bottle says good with steaks, burgers, firm cheeses, and pastas with red sauces. Sounds right to me. 
Appearance: Silky muted ruby with amber edges. He's a sexy, masculine man of a wine. 
On the snoot: Aromas of bright red Argentine paint berries and spring wildflowers growing near a bramble patch. It's so pretty and pheromonal, I was in love before the first taste. 
Taste: Dry & juicy; a very promising beginning. Big plum and blackberry tempered with old leather and pipe tobacco fill the mouth with most satisfying extension and girth. Velvety tannins stroke the palate through a long echoing finish that goes on and on, never turning to sour or losing its 'juiciness'. Enjoy right up to the moment you move on to the next sip of divine ecstasy. 
Balance: Well balanced, toned and lean. More on the acid side, very food friendly. 
Comments: Be careful who you drink this with as the aphrodisiac  qualities are quite overwhelming. I'm just sayin'......
Rating: 3.8 hard tipsys