Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sir Paz Estate
Parker Road Bin 8 07'

Naked Wine Review 117
Wine: Parker Road Bin 8
Grapes: Shiraz/Merlot
Producer: Sir Paz Estate
Vintage: 07'
Region: Australia>Victoria>Port Phillip>Yarra Valley
Price: 29.00 is average online
(on sale for 17.00 at Pattee Creek Market, Zootown, USA)
Date tasted: 3/26/13
Place tasted: Every time I turned around today I kept seeing this little garden gnome smoking a pipe and grinning at me. Yep, Lar Xydefub is up to his old tricks again. I love Lar, and was more than happy to hang with him for the day. He's the kind of guy who hides indigo secrets in silk pockets; a guy who keeps his paintings to himself. He is quick to pass you his pipe or share a glass of wine and a giggle with you though, or take you for a walk like his own giant human pet. 
An interesting friend on a warm blessed day in early springtime is a great place to taste the wine. 
Served with: Baghali Polo-Persian rice & lamb. It's great with lamb. Think big; grilled red meat, hearty stew, venison, strong cheeses and dark chocolates. Stay away from more subtle, mild foods. 
Appearance: Light garnet with a rusty orange etherial glow.
On the snoot: Big snoot full of cherry blossom, grass & wet earth. On the exhale is a hint of bullwhips and sandalwood. 
Taste: Tart cherry pie mellowed by licorice spice, tar, and leather. A thick musty energy travels throughout, lightly dusted with a gentle layer of tannin. Finish is a playful wet kiss full of talent and technique developed specifically for your pleasure. 
Balance: Nice medium balance with long symmetrical legs. A little on the acid side with none of those icky residual sugars we don't particularly care for. Shows classy and refined amounts of alcohol and tannin...nothing overstated.
Comments: It made me think of a guys locker room, in a good way. The glistening pheromone infused sweat beads pouring from his naked well formed...
Yes, its a very tasty wine. I find this one masculine in nature. Let him breathe for an hour or more to really enjoy at full potential. 

Rating: 3.8 tipsys

Monday, March 11, 2013

Apex Accent Chardonnay 09'

Naked Wine Review 116
Wine: Chardonnay
Producer: Apex Cellars
Vintage: 09'
Region: Washington State>Columbia Valley>Yakima Valley
Price: 12.00
Date tasted: 3/4/13
Place tasted: Warm and safe inside my cocoon I can feel the wings growing strong and hugging my back like a promise. I imagine what colors they might be, what shape they might take, and how far and high they might one day carry me. I sip my wine and I wait in this place for my inner Phoenix to rise again....
and dream my awakening.
Served with: It is wonderful with Thai Fish Curry. White fish, chicken, brie n' fruit treats, and creamy pasta dishes would all complement well with this wine.
Appearance: Burnt golden daffodil with a brilliant yellow topaz glow. She's very well dressed and hypnotic to gaze into.
On the snoot: Nectarine and honeysuckle perfume rise to bless the snoot and stir up memories of an enthusiastic mountain stream that quenches the springtime of high mountain desert. 
Taste: Soft mango, pear, and honey combine with a tiny high note of lime then melt together and do the dance of spring on your joyful palate before calming into a butterscotch smooth, slightly oaky, and well defined naked finish.
Balance: A solid medium body with well integrated alcohol, acids, and sugars rendering her nicely dry, yet smooth, subtle, and interesting. 
Comments: I believe that we should base our beliefs more on thoroughly diligent, honest, and scientific yet intuitive research, and less on lazy absorption of dictated propaganda. Do you not? 
Oh, comments about the WINE! yes yes....
She's a solid reliable wine with subtle charm and elegant grace. Have her over for dinner and enjoy the warm comfort of her company. 
Cin Cin

Rating: 3.7 tipsys