Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Colonia las Liebres Bonarda 09'

Naked Wine Review 74
Wine: Colonia las Liebres Bonarda
Producer: Altos las Hormigas
Vintage: 09'
Region: Argentina> Mendoza
Price: 9.00
Date tasted: 5/13/11
Place tasted: In the eye of a rainbow hurricane. That quiet peaceful moment when the world stands still just long enough to catch your breath and give it some quality time. Breathing is great. Colonia las Liebres is great as well. It means Colony of Rabbits. 
Serve with: Argentinian Pot Roast. Actually it would be marvelous with any red meat or tomato based pasta dish.
Appearance: Dense garnet with extreme purple refractions. She's a smooth and charming wine with highly viscous legs that cling to the sides of your glass like a Nattie to a Chuck. 
On the snoot: I pretty much just picked up strawberry, some strawberry, and maybe just a little strawberry. 
Taste: This lovely vino caresses and sings to the receptive naked palate in juicy notes of mixed berry and cracked pepper, with just a hint of cardamom on the exhale. Yummy stuff. Upon finishing she curls up in a warm blanket of silky tannins and fades from your awareness like watercolor rain into a beautiful dream. 
Balance: Very well balanced, in fact, she has such incredible balancing skills, I once saw her roller skating on the branch of a Madrone tree while it was swaying in a wind storm outside my bedroom window. Amazing! You should have been there.   
Comments: She's a test tube baby, no wood involved. Sip and enjoy the unoaked pure expression of the Bonarda grape. If you find yourself on Orcas Island, you can locate this stuff at Country Corner Cellars.
This review is in honor of my sisters birthday.
A toast: You are a kind and gentle blessing to everyone lucky enough to know you. May You live forever and I never die
Happy Birthday Molly
cin cin.
Rating: 3.7 stars

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Excelsior Cabernet 07'

Naked Wine Review 73
Wine: Cabernet 
Producer: Excelsior
Vintage: 07'
Region: South Africa
Price: 8.00
Date tasted: 3/15/11, 'Beware the Ides of March'
Place tasted: I was at a military parade on Mars, in the company of a very large crowd of, shall we call them, people. Raised up high in the clutches of their right hands were rainbow colored fire sticks. In my right hand, held close to my heart, was a glass of Excelsior Cabernet. In the crowd, but not of the crowd.  Where else would I be?
Serve with: Would go nicely with a summer barbecue featuring any quality meats of the red variety. 
Appearance: A crystal clear deep plum purple.
On the snoot: Imagine standing next to someone who is eating a grape popsicle in a vintage guitar shop which also carries a variety of fine tobacco products. I find it a very comforting snoot.
Taste: Bursting with plum, then tastefully followed by hints of tobacco and licorice spice wafting around an etherial naked beach. Finishes a little quickly but on a kind and gentle note. Like a lovers full wet kiss before escaping through an open window, thus maintaining discretion.
Balance: This wine has the legs of Betty Grable, however, her lack of tannins and acid dub her a little uninteresting to the Wine Witch. 
Comments: People who don't like red wine, would probably like this one; for that matter so would people who do. It's a nurturing, gentle spirited, proper lady of a wine.
The snoot invoked the memory of a place that is no longer in my birth town called 'the Guitar Shop Winery', where I first learned to play the guitar AND where I first learned how to make wine...and boy, did I ever have some beginners luck! I wish you could have been there, but you probably weren't even born yet, you cheeky bastard. So I'll offer up a toast to Tom & Abby, wherever they are. May they be happy and free.
Rating: 3.4 stars

Monday, May 2, 2011

Dr. Wolfe's Family Red 08'

Naked Wine Review 72
Wine: Dr. Wolfe's Family Red
Primitivo, Lemberger, Syrah, Petite Syrah, and Cabernet Sauvignon
Producer: Thurston Wolfe
Vintage: 08'
Region: Washington State
Price: 16.00
Date tasted: 4/22/11 
Place tasted: It was late at night and the waves were lapping against the shore below me. I had the window open so I could listen to Mother Earth singing outside. I often sing to her at night, but tonight, I was to be her captive audience. The night sky twinkled behind her, and as she sang....Samadhi.
Samakhi: It has been described as a non-dualistic state of consciousness in which the consciousness of the experiencing subject becomes one with the experienced object.
Serve with: Anything. It would be good with pretty much anything. It was great with various fruits, cheeses, and Posh Chocolate Truffles
Appearance: A garnet, glowing and shining its light through rich dense flowing blood; much like a soul that sparkles within a body.
On the snoot: are powerful hits of cherry soaked in fine Mexican Vanilla then blessed by Druid Priests under magical moonlight; that's that little extra somethin' somtehin' that gives you a 'lift' as you inhale. Go ahead, everyone's doing it.
Taste: Upon taking the stage she greets you with tones of deep black cherry, licorice spice, and warm etherial tar and oak. Midway through her performance the experience moves into a solid soprano fruit and vanilla crescendo that cascades over the captive palate. Smooth, subtle, and somewhat toasted tannins linger long and steady on a soft yet beautifully controlled finish. The perfect performance of this lovely wine demands an encore.
Balance: She has beautiful meaty legs that wrap themselves around the inside of your glass like silk stockings on an angel. The balance of tannin, acid, sugar, and alcohol form an impressive quartet.
Comments: From snoot to finish, she is wonderfully dynamic. There is a naked Diva hiding in that bottle just waiting to take her first breath. You should go buy some and let her out. I did, and I will again. I get mine from Country Corner Cellars, Eastsound WA on Orcas Island.
"If you're not here, you're somewhere else."
Happy Birthday, Earth Day, Mothers Day, Spring!

Rating: 3.8 stars