Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pinot Noir, Elk Cove 07'

naked wine review 48
wine:Pinot Noir
producer:Elk Cove Vineyards
vintage: 07'
date tasted:8/27/10
place tasted:Camp Tuffit Wine Tasting Extravaganza
served with:various cheeses, fruits, berries, farmers market veggies, and many other tasty goodies.
appearance:deep rusty velvet on a summer rose bathed in sunshine and blooming in Montana high mountain desert...very pretty.
bouquet:light floral cherry blossom snoot with a hint of wet earth and incense.
taste:her voice is heavy and rich, considering her mousy thin little figure. she holds strong, bouyant raspberry sphears suspended in a rich red fruit liquid with a gentle twist of lemon and served over real pretty lake rocks in a delicate frangapagni scented wine glass. her tannins are so soft, you want to pet them and name them 'fluffy'. it's very, very good.
balance:light as a feather with wispy skinny legs. dances around the glass like Ginger Rogers on the wing.
comments:this wine can inspire an uncontrolable urge to boast your bravest operatic technique; and whether you impress or embarras yourself and your friends, the pure joy felt in this moment will surly inspire and paint a little grin on the lips of the naked gods of goof.

rating:4 stars

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Red Blend, Faithful Hound 05'

naked wine review 47
wine:Faithful Hound, 5 red blend
region:South Africa
date tasted:8/10/10
place tasted:in a basement apartment that was magically transformed from a sows ear into a beautiful rayon purse....i was gazing into a childhood fantasy hanging on the wall entitled 'Spring Lake by Amadeo Boroni'...walking down that peaceful path to my very own home (far left of painting) and waiting to be joyously greeted by many cats, familiar and dear to me....ahhh heaven!
served with:a lasagna that i left baking in the oven before my long walk and afternoon swim down at the lake; also a warm fresh loaf of french bread my neighbor dropped off earlier to thank me for taking care of her garden while she was vacationing in Sardinia. i love this place.
appearance:an aesthetic dream. deep, deep black cherry red. just gaze into and be hypnotized by the affluent blood of Dionysus himself.
bouquet:has the scent of new fabric used in a white gown with little pink flowers; hanging in a trendy downtown shop on a sale rack because of a small childs sticky chocolate handprint left on the skirts...that's exactly what it smells like.
taste:bright red fruit with chewy chocolate cylinder shaped tannins rounding into a lingering, plump and pleasant finish. another glowing South African beauty...i love it!
balance:limber, quick, and graceful like an ancient Egyptian cat.
comments:Faithful Hound is a great name for this wine as it has the ability to lift you out of a funk and make you see life through it's joyful, loyal, and 'i'm your friend no matter what' eyes. so get naked, pour yourself a glass of this stuff, and chase a tennis ball around the house...or around the yard (neighbors/weather permitting) enjoy life

rating:3.5 stars