Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Domaine de la Janasse
Cotes du Rhone Cuvee
Reserve 12'

Naked Wine Review 159

Wine: Cotes du Rhone
Grapes: Grenache (55%), Syrah (25%), Carignan (10%), Cinsault (5%), Mourvedre (5%)
Producer: Domaine de la Janasse
Vintage: 12'
Region: France>Rhone>Southern Rhone>Cotes du Rhone
Price: 15.00
Date tasted: 1/1/15
Place tasted: I was welcoming in 2015... and I don't mean to alarm you, but I think we are being followed. Stay quiet and keep to the shadows like I do; a painted naked warrior. Grab that bottle of wine and come with me. We are going to a land where there is still such a thing as privacy, empathy, and love. You and I will find our way now to the blessed garden where the air is manufactured by the mother herself. A place where the sea and the earth are clean healthy and strong. We will travel to where the true balance of nature once again is respected and adored by whatever superior species replaces the evil ones, before they do any more damage. As we ascend to meet them, we are becoming.... better beings. A toast to a better world and a more real tomorrow; image be damned!
Cheers All
Served with: I enjoyed it with a simple Cornish game hen dinner along side a wine poached Bosc pear salad, which was exceptional. 
It's a nice wine to go with all your favorite winter time comfort foods, such as hearty stews, shepherd's pie, pasta, pizza, steak au poivre, venison, and a wide range of cheeses. 
Appearance: Her soft round body hugs your glass while long royal statuesque legs stream in perfect unison back down into a delicious puddle of brilliant liquid ruby light; beautiful .
On the snoot: Heavily scented with sandalwood, dark fruit & berries. 
Taste: A mouthful of soft blueberry; herby and interesting with a spank of pepper and just a hint of oak. Long slow finish of posh spice, fruit, and lots of luscious dry tannins.
Balance: Medium/light body with no residual sugars, just subtle charm and grace. Dry and smooth, acid over sugar. There are plentiful bold tannins and high (14%) alcohol but somehow she's not too hot out of the bottle. That said, she does blossom and warm nicely when you let her breathe for a good hour or more before pouring. 
Comments: This wine was created with love and then blessed by the spirit of Dionysus himself..... you can just tell. What a great wine to start the new year with.  

Rating: 4 tipsy's, excellent value

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