Thursday, March 8, 2012

Freemark Abbey Chardonnay 09'

Naked Wine Review 93
Wine: Chardonnay
Producer: Freemark Abbey
Vintage: 09'
Region: California>Napa Valley
Price: 20.00
Date tasted: 3/7/12
Place tasted: Dancing in graceful liberation at midnight under a full moon; naked, with joyous abandon. I began chanting in Hindu, happy sounds, as the elements came to grace the space around me. I shared this liberating experience, and a glass of truly tasty wine, with my friend, her Majesty, Mossy Waterfall. 
Huzzah! May freedom and happiness reign over the rich bosom of Shawnaland forever! 
Serve with: Would pair well with light, delicate, subtly flavored foods; especially nice with mushrooms. I had it with Cod, Artichokes & Chickpeas (mushrooms in that recipe as well). It was a match made in heaven for sure.
Appearance: Deep golden and glowing with a hint of green light; not unlike that of a big, round, full moon.
On the snoot: are notes of green apple, citrus, and antique wood.
Taste:  A carmel apple carnival with twinkling lemon drops and sweet satsumas. There are so many rides to go on here. Hints of Mexican vanilla interlaced with nectarine and the etherial breath of clove are also present, showing off her complex and ingenious interpretation of what chardonnay is all about. She finishes in rich waves of subtle liquid honey cascading over smooth rock & oak; pleasing the Undines and coaxing them out to dance and sing with her. (Undines are know for their phenomenal vocal abilities; bet you didn't know that, did ya?)
Balance: Heavy? Yes and no. Crisp? Ya, but milky too. Just right? Yes, that's it. She presents a perfect balance of dark to light, in spirit and sound.
Comments: This is one big fat buttery beauty of a wine. One of the most well crafted chardonnays I've ever experienced. You should buy some, and I should buy more. 
Rating: 4 tipsys