Tuesday, September 23, 2014

les Moirets Cotes du Rhone 11'

Naked Wine Review 152

Wine: les Moirets Cotes du Rhone
Grapes: Syrah, Grenache Noir, Mourvedre  
Producer: Ogier
Vintage: 11'
Region: France>Rhone>Cote du Rhone>Controlee
Price: 9.00
Date tasted: 9/22/14
Place tasted: The day had kissed the night at exactly the same hour as the night kissed the day. I think they are enchanted with one another. Something inside me felt a calm sense of balance and an ocean blossomed on the north side of my heart where the moss grows. As I sipped and gazed distantly through a window into my happy place I felt complete satisfaction and a profound gratitude for having experienced paradise so many times.
Served with: Quick Stuffed Tomatoes. A very food friendly wine. Just avoid heavy spices that may overpower her more subtle nature (herby ok). All cheeses, good; veggies, very good; herby pasta and even Fettuccine Alfredo...all good. 
Appearance: Light glowing garnet with pretty orange rusty edges.
On the snoot: The pleasant, very subtle scent of fruit and wood. 
Taste: The distant flavor of some kind of fruit. Is it raspberry or sour cherry? Whatever it is it takes on a vanilla note as it presents in a velvety mouthful. Soft, unfocused tannins twinkle randomly in the background. Finish is quick, light, and refreshing. 
Balance: Slight bodied with just a few very skinny legs. It has no residual sugars (which we like), mellow acids, alcohol high but not too hot, and soft astral tannins. 
Comments: A good easy drinking anytime wine; nice to have around as it goes with so many foods.

Rating: 3.6 easy drinking tipsys 

Monday, September 8, 2014

Honoro Vera Garnacha 12'

Naked Wine Review 151

Wine: Honoro Vera Garnacha
Producer: Bodegas Ateca
Vintage: 12'
Region: Spain>Calatayud
Price: 9.00
Date tasted: 9/7/14
Place tasted: Saturated in full moon madness I was sitting in a bar with Ganesha drinking garnasha and eating ganache. All I could think was 'oh shit, if one side doesn't get me, the other one will'. Guilt, sex, wine, chocolate cake, yoga, Metatron, Ganesha, the faeries, pineapple express, obsessive self discipline... where does this recipe end, and what kind of image does it bake up to be? I mean, can you even comprehend a chocolate covered organic magic carrot salad? Well, maybe YOU can.
Then Ganesha said to me, "Image is nothing more than an obstacle that blocks truth". That's all he said... well that and that he was going to go bathe in the river tomorrow.  
Good talk.
Served with: Nanaimo Bars... and why not? It's a great combo, trust me.
It would also go well with grilled meats, venison, lamb roast, herby pasta or vegetable dishes and strong cheeses. 
Appearance: Sparkling clear ruby red with a violet aura.
On the snoot: A strong sweet bouquet of wild flowers, cherry cotton candy, and pine cones.
Taste: Sweet dark cherry lovingly stroked by mulling spices and fresh cracked pepper give a welcoming naked embrace while a deeper consciousness of her beauty blossoms in a incandescent glow of fresh rain and oak until you are so full with delicious wine flavor you could just burst. Then she brings the experience in for a landing on a lingering mellow fruit runway brushed with dusty tannins and cocoa. 
Now go ahead and blush, enjoy the afterglow, and repeat the experience.
Balance: She paints her color, thick and pretty all over the insides of your glass while allowing the weight of her long luscious legs to run slowly through it. Her subtle sugars, nice acid content, high yet smooth alcohol level, and fine feather dusty tannins complete a perfectly balanced and beautiful wine. 
Comments: She's a mouthful of pure splendor. I plan on keeping this one around for a while. I may even put a bottle in my Teotwawki bug out bag. 

Rating: 4 staggering tipsy's

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