Friday, August 31, 2012

Arcangelo Primitivo 10'

Naked Wine Review 104
Wine: Primitivo 
Producer: Palama Arcangelo
Vintage: 10'
Region: Italia>Puglia>Salento
Price: 15.00
Date tasted: 8/31/12
Place tasted: I was not yet drunk and pondering my luck in the fullness of the brightest red 'blue moon' you've ever seen. Though the fire of the moment seemed to singe the tender edges of my spirit, I took comfort visualizing my journey back to the place where all the blue spilled out. A glass of wine later I was smiling with eyes closed; faeries and fish gods healing around me. 
A ogni uccelll il suo nido e bello. 
Cin Cin
Served with: I enjoyed it with antipasto skewers. It would go well with quite a variety of things such as, burgers, pork ribs, red sauced pasta dishes, all kinds of cheeses, and luscious dark chocolate; available at Frans Chocolates in Seattle and online.
Appearance: Clear bright garnet red with burnt orange edges.
On the snoot: A heavy spirit filled with blackberry jam and vanilla perfume.
Taste: Huge mouthful of juicy blackberry, tempered with a subtle hint of vanilla. Mid palate has a tiny ring of inoffensive tartness followed by just a hint of tannin on the finish, which is also kind of wet and jammy. 
Balance:  Rubenesque; such is the nature of red zinfandel...a little light on acid, a little heavy on sugar.
Comments: A red wine that people who don't like red wine will enjoy. Though she covers an acceptable spectrum of tasty, pretty, and nicely perfumed, she is lacking in complexity, rendering her a little uninteresting to me. Was she naked? I didn't notice.

Rating: 3.4 tipsys

Friday, August 17, 2012

Lange Pinot Noir 10'

Naked Wine Review 103
Wine: Pinot Noir
Producer: Lange Winery
Vintage: 10'
Region: Oregon>Willamette Valley
Price: 21.00
Date tasted: 8/13/12
Place tasted:  In my dream I was in this bar where there were these machines that rang like bells and played little tunes. People would sit in front of them, put money into them, push buttons, and just stare at them for hours, their faces void of all expression. I began to feel a hopeless sense of depression wash over me. Abandoning my poorly designed cocktail (why pay for it twice?) I exited the disturbing and surreal situation by simply opening my eyes. 'It didn't really happen; it didn't really happen.' To shake it off I poured a savory glass of Pinot Noir and moved into the kitchen for some creative culinary therapy. Food & wine, it's a beautiful thing....nightmares, not so much.
Served with: Perfect with Coq au vin. Stay with foods more subtle in character such as salmon, duck, chicken, mushrooms, mellow cheeses, and things of that nature.
Appearance: Clear cherry red with antique edges of light and a childlike glow of innocence.  
On the snoot: A pungent perfume of violets and wild flowers growing in cedar soaked earth. I suggest you take a long moment to appreciate and ponder her unique and lovely scent.
Taste: Sudden impact of bright strawberry followed by a soft herbal scented breath on the exhale; a beautiful marriage of yin/yang energies in one naked little sip. Finish is wet and lingers like sunshine in images of floral and wood. 
Balance: She has a well balanced light body with no residual sugar; minimal tannin; and a gentle, elegant demeanor.
Comments: A good Pinot Noir is all about the snoot, don't cha' think? I was quite taken with the lovely bouquet on this one; after tasting however, I found her a bit too soprano for my personal taste. In human form she would sing like Kate Bush. If that's the kind of thing you like, you should go there. 
I find the timbre of Morphine or The Mars Volta a more spirit feeding experience. 
Either way, here's to your good health.

Rating: 3.5 tipsys

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Duca di Cardino Chianti 10'

Naked Wine Review 102
Wine: Duca di Cardino, Chianti
Producer: Enogest Winery
Vintage: 10'
Region: Italy>Tuscany>Montalcino>
Could not find 
the actual address, 
but there ya go :)
Price: 16.00
Date tasted: 7/12/12
Place tasted: It was early, it was safe. I was listening to Florence tell me 'the dog days are over' and milking that moment of peace and solitude for all it was worth. 
Faeries danced on raindrops that cooled and soothed my inner chaos and washed it all away. 
Preparing food and sipping a glass of Chianti, I could not help but think of you, and smile. 
Served with: Sausage & feta stuffed bell peppers was a good idea for sure! Many things go well with Chianti; stay with red meats and stronger more acidic flavors as it will overpower more subtle ones.
Appearance: Rich opaque cranberry with a rusty glow.
On the snoot: The distinct and pleasing scent of a lavender colored waterfall.
Taste: Opens with a mouthful of etherial cherry whispers wrapped up in a soft eiderdown of herbaceous coriander with little licorice dimples. Tannins are firm and dependable leading into a long, reflective finish. 
Balance: Medium body with beautiful naked legs all over your glass. More acid than sweet but still smooth and centered. Very nice.
Comments: She comes on hot, just the way you like it. Let her catch her breath for a few before devouring. Then devour away.
"If I ever go missing, I want my picture on a wine bottle instead of a milk carton so my friends can find me"
-random quote found online
Rating: 3.7 tipsys

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