Sunday, June 23, 2013

IQUE Malbec 11'

Naked Wine Review 123

Wine: IQUE Malbec
Producer: Bodega Foster
Vintage: 11'
Region: Argentina>Mendoza
Price: 12.00
Date tasted: 6/21/13
Place tasted: The moon was so bright and the night so lovely I decided to pull my good broom out of the closet and go for an evening fly about. Soaring high above the earth I gazed down in awe and wonder at the profound expression of that which is Divine, gracefully shining back at me in the beauty of my home planet. 
It is an honor to dance on her surface, to drink of and play in her waters, to breathe in the air around her, to feed on her many bountiful nourishments, and to bask in the warmth of her fire. It is an honor to love our Mother Earth. May we always charish, care for, and defend her integrity. Cin Cin All….and don't forget to look up once in a while. Perspective people, get some. 
Served with: Asado! Goes well with grilled meats, duck, red herby pasta dishes, and naked hard bodied cheeses. Stay away from more subtly flavored foods such as fish, chicken and cream sauces.
Appearance: Very pretty clear violet edged glow on a deep ruby orb of light. 
On the snoot: The scent of wet grass and blackberries growing among mineral rich stones near a running stream. Stop and smell the Malbec. 
Taste: Blackberry, dark fruits and pepper corn abound saturated with earth and stone. Finish is long and luscious with silky smooth tannins that get bigger as you chew. 
Balance: Medium bodied and well balanced. Smooth and dry with plentiful soft tannins showing refined character and integrity. Upon opening she's a little hot and acid. Let her breathe a while and she mellows right out. Air is like bong hits to this wine and she's at her best when stoned. Some wines are like that.
Comments: IQUE is special to me as it's the first Malbec I had the pleasure of tasting. It was love at first sip for the 05' and the 11' is just as grand. If you like Malbec, you'll love this wine.

Rating: 4 staggering tipsy's

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Campo de Borja
Mosen Cleto Reserva
Red Wine 09'

Naked Wine Review 122

Wine: Mosen Cleto Reserva
Grapes: 75% Grenach & 25% Tempranillo 
Producer: Bodegas Aragonesas
Vintage: 09'
Region: Spain>Aragon>Campo de Borja
Price: 8.00 
Date tasted: 5/4/13 (Cinco de Quatro)
Place tasted: I counted backward slowly from ten and found myself in a canoe in the middle of a small lake surrounded by crystal clear water. Plush forests worship at her edges. Majestic mountains rise up from the earth that strokes her belly, and an invisible breeze brushes her hair into wavy statements of altered fashion.
In my fantasy wicker picnic basket I found a variety of fresh tropical fruits and various tasty cheeses. Hum…crackers, cork screw, glasses…now where is that damned paddle? Oh well, every silver lining has a dark cloud I suppose. Still, there is nothing wrong with this moment right now, nothing at all. Sip, sip, sip…it is pure naked truth, and I'm ready to become one with it. May the universe guide and protect us, the kind and gentle ones. Topa!
Served with: Antipasto, grilled red meats, stews, lamb, pork, venison/game, strong cheeses, dark chocolate…she's pretty versatile. I think she'd go wonderfully with Lamb Biryani though. You should probably do that for sure. (by the by, definitely pair thee not with ceviche) 
Appearance: Deep dark ruby red tied down in ribbons of soft black velvet. Very pretty.
On the snoot: Cherry vanilla truffles meet and mingle with a box of sandalwood in a sweet gentle embrace, then rise up in ecstasy to greet the happy snoot. 
Taste: Dry and a little tart with raspberry, yet smooth with vanilla and cherry. Faint essence of mineral and oak gently stroke the naked palate throughout imbibacourse, with plentiful tannins that nicely round off the finish. 
Balance: Well balanced in harmonious integration. Light to medium weight with the cutest chubby little legs, slow to form and slower to run. She's acid over sugar with good alcohol level and tons of tannin. A simple, kind, easy drinking wine.
Comments: I'm definitely going to call this one back, actually I already have… three times. I like her very much, and she's wearing such a cool bottle! I'd like to thank Cherlin for introducing us. You da' best. 

Rating: 3.8 tipsys, excellent value