Friday, October 18, 2013

Arenal Carmenere 10'

Naked Wine Review 131

Wine: Arenal Carmenere
Producer: Vina Peralillo
Vintage: 10'
Region: Chile>Central Valley>Rapel Valley>Colchagua Valley 
(I don't have the actual address)
Price: 10.00
Date tasted: 10/17/13
Place tasted: Maple yellow leaves crashed to the earth marking the end of their befuddled journey; they are today's cat toy of choice. A copper bird hung in a barren apricot tree, still sadly green with hope. In new twilight where sun and moon argued over who gets the sky, I gazed into all that is Autumn and felt a calm sense of gratitude for birth, death, all the fun little cat toys in between; and life, that which carries us one fascinating dimension to the next without end. I took one sip and then another until the full moon won the sky.
Served with: Chocolate cherry fudge brownies topped with ganache…mmm! Would go well with grilled red meats, hearty cheeses, herby Italian red sauces, Bask style eggplant or ratatouille, lamb, duck, venison and other game meats….and of course, dark chocolate! 
Appearance: A dense ruby glow with subtle violet refractions swim in her pool; and the chorus line of meaty muscular legs that move in perfect unison down the sides of your glass give her quite a sexy edge.
On the snoot: Aromas of dark cherry and rich blackberry dance naked in clouds of cotton candy. The snoot alone will guide you to your happy place.
Taste: Dark jammy fruit forward with hints of cardamom and cocoa. On the finish a touch of cedar embraces soft well rounded tannins. 
Balance: She's sports a nice medium balance with no sticky residual sugars and no one element overpowering the other. 
Comments: A very satisfying journey from snoot to finish; complex but not challenging; tasty and highly drinkable. Let her breathe a while before imbibing, then sip your way to a better day ;) 
Cin Cin

Rating: 3.8 tipsys

Friday, October 4, 2013

Frei Brothers Reserve
Chardonnay 11'

Naked Wine Review 130

Wine: Chardonnay
Producer: Frei Brothers Reserve
Vintage: 11'
Region: California>Sonoma Valley>Russian River Valley 
Price: 15.00
Date tasted: 9/30/13
Place tasted: At home, watching the Breaking Bad marathon leading up to the series finale. What is Vince Gilligan going to do to us tonight? He looks like such a kind and gentle man, the sick bastard. Jokes aside, I'm really excited to see how it ends and I'm grateful to have had such a brilliant television production to look forward to on Sunday evenings for the past almost 6 years. Here's to you, writers, cast, and crew... Salude!
Served with: She would go well with subtle flavors of white or shell fish, cream sauces, Cornish game hens, wild rice & mushrooms, breathy herbs or woody spices. Perfect with chicken cordon bleu. For a cheese plate go with Camembert, brie and others of a soft delicate nature along side apples, pears, or tropical fruit. 
Appearance: She sports a brilliant crystal gem-like sunshine yellow aura that is impressive and captivating. 
On the snoot: Is the alluring essence of papaya mixed with the crisp morning breeze over an autumn apple orchard. 
Taste: Begins with a slice of ripe dripping mango that quickly blends into soft buttery rich toasted carmel then finishes with a three point landing on a luscious cloud of thick cream and freshly baked apple pie. 
Balance: As balanced as the brain in some other guys head. A symmetrical triangle of acid, sugar, and alcohol. Great big flavors without lots of mucky sugars one way or squeaky tart daggers the other. She's the perfect chardonnay for you.
Comments: She's everything a good Chardonnay should be. Buy some, drink some, share some, have some… fun.
In other comments: Breaking Bad. Ya Bitch! Best series ever!! 

Rating: 4 tipsys, excellent value.