Sunday, September 13, 2015

Cipresseto Rosato Toscana 14'

Naked Wine Review 169

Wine: Rosato
Grapes: Sangiovese & Canaiolo
Producer: Santa Cristina Antinori
Vintage: 14’
Region: Italy>Tuscany
Price: 9.00, average
Date tasted: 9/2/15
Place tasted: I'd been tracking the bunnies that jumped out of last nights dream. All day long I was creeping down alleys, looking under rocks and inside faerie circles. They had the distinctive scent of white chocolate (circa 1975) which I caught just as they hopped out of my head that morning and into the waking world. You can't have dream bunnies bouncing around all over your neighborhood like that. You know how they are. I got the last one of them back into my head by nightfall but it was an exhausting all day endeavor. Boy, was I happy to finally sit down and relax with a rosy colored glass of chilled enlightened vino and some delightful snacks.
No matter the job, it's always nice to feel you've done it well, even when it's just getting dream bunnies back to their proper dimension. 
Served with: Nightshade Harvest hors d'oeuvres, yummy.
Appearance: She sports a strong yet delicate body all dressed in colors of rose hip jelly or malaya garnet, a brilliant gemstone. So beautiful was the color that it hypnotized me and I gazed into it a good ten minutes before even taking my first sip. She's simply gorgeous.
On the snoot: is the very slight scent of honeysuckle and melon.
Taste: Simple and highly floral with fruits of soft citrus and gentle pear, dry and lively. Finish is warm and smooth. 
Balance: Dry and light with no residual sugars and a nice gentle warming alcohol. A wonderfully sculpted work of art. 
Comments: This wine is flawlessly perfect. I had no idea how very classy a rose' could be. It was a humbling education for me and I'm so pleased to have learned this lesson. If you are lucky enough to live in an area that carries Cipresseto Rosato Toscana you should buy some. It will not disappoint, even if you are normally a red drinker like myself. Good wine is good wine and it comes in all colors of the rainbow. Expand your vision and remember variety is truly the spice of life. 
Thank you Julia Margolia for sending me this bottle to try. It was a pleasure to drink and a pleasure to review. 

Rating: 4 elegant tipsys

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