Sunday, June 18, 2017

Matello Pinot Noir 13’

Naked Wine Review 172

Wine: Pinot Noir
Producer: Matello  
Vintage: 13’
Region: Oregon>Willamette Valley
It was a gift; a very thoughtful and delicious gift.
Date tasted: 6/18/16
They say time flies like the wind; I guess they do.
Place tasted: A year ago on a hill near a waterfall just outside of ‘Camp Earth’. 
Behind me was a giant pink trash can with big orange and green flowers painted on it, and everything I owned up until that moment was in there. 
I had just skinned a pineapple and picked the nose off an avocado. Someone had to do it.
I closed my eyes until only my heart could see me, pulsating along some blissful stretch of cerebral shoreline in a joyful game of tide tag.
I opened my eyes and everything in my head spilled out onto an eternally evolving yet decaying canvas of life. 
I closed my eyes again and sipped blissfuly on the wine. Tag, you’re it.
Served with: Cedar Planked SaLmonWould be good with chicken, fish or pork; soft subtle cheeses, and foods with a gentle spirit. 
Appearance: Sporting a svelte and sexy body with soft strawberry glowing in her aura, she’s a Willamette Valley beauty queen. Her jewels sparkle with the vintage patina of rusty orange liquid light.
On the snoot: is that of a hidden berry patch on the western slope of a sun soaked mountain in summer time. A plethora of berries, wild flowers, tall oaks and sunshine. Mmm, smells like home.
Taste: Lively in the mouth like little bursts of pie cherry fireworks followed by a silky smooth finish that warms the spirit by delivering gentle strokes from her artist brush gracefully onto your palate. 
Balance: Bright, not sharp. Acid over sugar, in fact no residual sugars that I could detect (we Like that). Nice on the alcohol and just a teeny weeny hint of tannin, such is Pinot noir. This is a beautifully well crafted wine. 
Comments: This wine just exudes romance. It’s a great date wine. Seductive and wooing. You should get a bottle and share it with a good friend, naked of course.  
Welcome summer of 2017. Happy Solstice Everyone!
Salude, Dude! 

Rating: 4 enthusiastic tipsy’s 

NOTE: Many thanks and blessings to my nephew, LAW, who gifted me this most thoughtful and delicious wine. You are the best :) Hope your birthday is grand, every year.