Saturday, August 1, 2015

Love & Squalor Pinot Noir 12’

Naked Wine Review 167

Wine: Love & Squalor Pinot Noir 
Producer: Portland Wine Company
Vintage: 12’
Region: Oregon>Willamette Valley
Price: 29.00
Date tasted: 7/27/15
Place tasted: Does this place have a dungeon? It feels like it should have a dungeon. Schumann would never be able to write in a place such as this; with all the tables and blood and those weird little gummy pizza’s scattered about like bug repellent. It does not matter if you close your eyes long enough. Close your eyes and listen. Close your eyes and taste. Close your eyes, let there be wine. 
Served with: Menage a Mushroom, Eggplant, Red Bell Pepper​. It was ​perfect with this wine.​ ​
Appearance: The light mysterious red of vintage velvet fading rusty with time​, ​royal and rich in character.​ 
On the snoot: Memories of a ​grape Kool aid ​stand on the corner of your past intersects the place where wild strawberries squeeze the black and white of your heart into oblivion. 
Taste: Saturated with ripe red ​straw​berry​,​ star anise and maybe just a hint of basil​.​ Both quenching and moreish with just an afterthought of tannin. ​Finish lingers a while and then drops quickly into a mysterious abyss leaving you wondering ‘who Was that red wine?’ and ‘when is she coming back?’ 
Balance: A ​colorful mosaic palate of elements combine ​to create​ this​
unique and well balanced​ beauty of a wine​.
Comments: It was like drinking a naked blossoming flower, beautiful and complex. 
Thank you Molly for this very special birthday present. That was so thoughtful and kind of you.  

Rating: 4 tipsys

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