Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tilia Malbec-Syrah 13'

Naked Wine Review 163

Wine: Tilia Malbec-Syrah
Grapes: 50% Malbec 50% Syrah 
Producer: Tilia INV-D 70600
Vintage: 13’
Region: Argentina>Mendoza’s East Valley and Uco Valley
Price: 10.00
Date tasted: 5/15/15, make a wish.
Place tasted: I had opened the bottle to let it breathe while I did my daily session of nerve flossing. I have to floss my nerves now. Imagine that. I was focusing on my core muscles and doing my thing while the TV was watching me, fascinated by my every move. I’ve decided to name my TV, Keith. May as well make this a two way conversation right? By the time I got to the wine I felt so much better that I was dancing in joyous naked abandon and singing a lovely song that I thought Keith would most certainly Not enjoy. I don’t really like Keith very much. I did however really enjoy this bottle of wine. 
Served with: Matambre Arrollado, That was quite a production but well worth the effort. I’d recommend you have the butcher flatten that flank steak for you if you can, otherwise it’s pound baby pound… for a very long time to get it thinned down. 
It’s a food friendly wine and would go well with a nice antipasto spread, a large variety of cheeses, grilled red meats and things of that nature. 
Appearance: Slow voluptuous legs move down viscous rolling hills in the fascinating world inside your balloon glass. A swirly deep garnet and purple flower blossoms in full beauty when held to the light.
On the snoot: Ripe dark fruit, oak, and wet sandy beach combine in a powerful punch to the snoot.
Taste: Juicy plum and dark berries radiate through your senses giving pause for ponder. Spanky old leather whips snap with a tobacco patina while back pepper and fresh cut grass move throughout the cocoa dusted clouds of tannin, soft and understated. Finishes long and luscious with subtle notes of creosote on the exhale. 
Balance: Acid over sugar sings high and strong. She’s a little hot coming out of the bottle so let her breathe and warm up her voice first. Tannins light a variable. With such a smooth velvety texture, I’d say she’s probably into mellow jazz. 
Comments: If this wine were a woman she’d be a lusty lounge singer in a dimly lit sad piano bar. She’s Filled with secrets as all good singers are. 
I Loved it. 

Rating: 4 grateful tipsys, excellent value, Excellent!

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