Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hidden Legend Pure Honey Mead

Naked Wine Review 136

Wine: Pure Honey Mead
Vintage: Not stated on label
Region: Montana>Victor
Price: 13.00
Date tasted: 12/31/13
Place tasted: In my happy place, singing with mead. I was a mere child when I was baptized in the fire of Bach's Christmas Oratorio. Today a thousand musical experiences flood my memory and fill me with joy. Take comfort with me now in music and raise a toast to the mother of all creation in all of our skewed perceptions, and in truth…prepare thyself Zion.
Served with: Brie with black currant preserves and brandy topping. It would go well with fowl, curries, and any spicy dry foods for contrast. 
Appearance: A tender golden topaz, deep and clear. 
On the snoot: Distinctive pear with layers of honey and a twinkling of oak.
Taste: Mellow succulent honey levitating through the power of alcohol and cradled in the spirit of an ancient troubadour. Soothing finish of ripe pear lingering in a late summer orchard.
Balance: Not dry but not sticky sweet either. Unlike many of us, she's pretty well balanced and good natured, AND she looks good naked. What more do you want?
Comments: This well crafted Montana mead is available in many states. I would urge you to try it and also seek out and try the various other meads available in your area. Explore, enjoy, have fun.
A toast to the ancestor of all fermented drinks. Gia' Sou!

Rating: 3.7 tipsys